Counting Corvids Chapter One Cheeky Extras

Stone Circle


Well, here we go, we started the journey. Yes it is of course beginning in the “STONE CIRCLE” How very cryptic? But I am sure the more I write and the more that I develop that “Stone Circle” will keep popping up.

Ok so the significance? Well, in this story, the connection to the character in question, Willow is that is where her race must be born in order to qualify for their inheritance. Inheritance which is earned on a very specific birthday, their 21st.

Well, the race and those that qualify for their inheritance can be male or female, as long as they perform that ritual and return. Now, that doesn’t always happen, there are many out there who never qualified and in turn reduced the overall numbers of their kind but still hold that magical dna that is unlocked by the stones.

In reality, yes the stone circle exists, it’s awesome, I have been there. It is one of those places that if you let yourself you can feel the magic in the air…

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