Counting Corvids Chapter Three Cheeky Extras



These guys, the good guys so to speak. They are essentially positive energy.

But, they did damn the entire race of Elementals into an eternity in purgatory post death for meddling in a war.

They have a strong belief in the “Grand Scheme” and abide by the “good of the many”

They live with very strict ideals and will generally avoid meddling in the fates of natural beings. But tend to battle with evil, mainly demons.

They are run by a high council made of “Elders” also known as the “forces that be”.

They do try to avoid conflict, unless they deem it for the “greater good” or to save someone considered an “innocent” (unprotected by magic).

When it comes to conflict regarding the Elementals they believe in balance and peace so will avoid it at all costs.

But in all of this their inward focus has given neglect to watching over the enemies (evil) allowing them to organize and gather momentum.

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