Counting Corvids Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine “Quake convention”


“Madi where would I find the book of what was it?”

“Hecate, I don’t know where exactly.” Behind the door now stood an eavesdropping Hunter. “All I do know is this book was rumoured to have all the prophecies, prophecies beyond good and beyond evil. I am sure that your own prophecy is in it. It’s rumoured that only the chosen one can read its words. It’s like a book of ultimate knowledge. Some have said it is protected by the sisters themselves.”

“Wow that’s some heritage.” Finally Hunter knocked on the door.


“So, Madi, I wondered, what was the book you mentioned?”

“Oh, well it has every prophecy ever made, sorry I need to go to the ladies after all, watch our stuff?”
“No problem” he smiled muttering under his breath “I need you to find me that book.”
Minutes later Willow and Madi returned from the bathroom giggling and chatting. They had strolled through the park drifting lazily. Without a chance to see the source of the shadows they turned to fire at the Quake blocked their path, one by one surrounding them. In no time at all they were surrounded by no less then thirteen Quakes, as they vanquished one another would replace him. Willow struggled to contain her powers blasting at them as fast as she could feeling the panic rising.

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