Counting Corvids Chapter Nine Cheeky Extras

Hecate and the book!

Hecate, the original mother of the founding Weyward sisters and the base mother of witches. Well it’s all very complex with her.

Her daughters the Weyward sisters, were given her last breath providing them with lasting life making them the governesses of power for the “Elemental” magical children in the line making them the truest “Elders” for their kind. But they remain hidden from the world.

Hecate, the mother of the Weyward sisters imparted all her magical wisdom and knowledge into a book held sacred at the heart of the Weyward sisters to be passed down to the one to lead the “Elementals” from purgatory to either good or evil. The book is their infinite knowledge condensed and so very precious and of course legendary, something much the myth and legend as the chosen one.

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