Counting Corvids Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten “Quake Convention continued”


As more and more Quakes arrived Willows confusion and disorientation grew. Without knowing what happened everything froze in her frustration, the Quakes had stopped moving but so had Mad and Hunter until Willow somehow vanquished the Quakes until Willow unfroze the last one by accident as well as Madi and Hunter but blew the Quake up in a flurry of violet fire. Hunter stared at Willow before Madi dragged them out of the park not noticing the difference.

When Madi grabbed Willows arm she had a new premonition. This time Madi was in an attic with the book handing it to a demon she didn’t recognize yet to be Gray.

Willow broke free and got to the attic in the premonition, she saw that the book was already gone, the premonition wasn’t for the future, it was the past, Madi had already betrayed her.

Down in the underworld Gray handed the book to a figure hiding in the shadows.

“I got you the book as you asked my lord.” The figure in the shadow nodded. Before enveloping the book in jet black fire, that stole the light, turning the book to dust. The book now burnt the figure in the shadow stepped forwards into the creeping light of the room to reveal himself. There stood Gray and his lord and master, Hunter.


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