Counting Corvids Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven “Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law”


“Madi, you always were the weak, jealous girl.” Madi’s eyes were wide in shock, Willow had narrowly missed her throwing the last little fire ball. “There’s such power in this body, your friend really is intoxicating. No wonder why Hunter preferred her to you.”

It finally dawned on Madi, this wasn’t Willow, well not the real Willow. Her mouth wide open finally spoke. “What have you done to her?” Willows eyes glinted maliciously. “What don’t you recognize me, perhaps you would have recognized me better in my Marfa form. You told her to stop… Me.”

“Yes Gray,” he spat, “don’t I look fabulous. But here’s my problem you see, you’ve been pulling pretty little Willow here to the good side and we can’t allow that.”
“What do you mean? I-”

“Shh child! You see Willow here, without your guidance will easily fall into our grace. She will help lead evil to a new age of-”
“You can’t do this, we will stop you, and she will stop you.”

“You are wrong, oh so wrong. You can’t stop me, not now, not now I am in this body, you wouldn’t dare to hurt her”
“You nothing! You don’t stand a chance. Don’t you see, power seeps from her every pore, power that evil will soon possess, oh how I love that word, but power that we will possess along with the rest of her kind.”
“Yes, and now, its time to say good bye”
Madi was consumed by the fiery blaze scorching through her chest. Willows body crumpled to the floor, Gray now stood over her in his normal form, relishing in his existence. “Sweet dreams, Willow dear”
“What did you do Gray?”
“My lord” he bowed, “I did not expect you”
“Clearly” Hunters gaze dropped to the two bodies slumped on the floor. “Willow, what did you do to her?”

“I merely did what you were too weak to do”
“You possessed her? To kill Madi? You fool!”

“I am not the fool, falling for the impossible, she would never be years with the girl alive.”
“Hold your tongue”

“Yes my lord”

“Go, now” Gray disappeared moments before Willows parents walked in, “Eric, Adelaide, I found, I think, Willow, I don’t, Madi, she’s dead.” Eric and Adelaide rushed over to their daughter cradling Willow who was old cold. “We have to, she can’t have, I can’t believe Willow did this” Eric’s voice cracked.

An hour later and Willow finally awoke as though it was all a bad dream, finding out it wasn’t sent Willow into hysteric, wounded cries as she held her friend, refusing to let go, refusing to cover up what had happened. In the chaos Hunter excused himself and left.

“Gray, I know you are here, show yourself”

“My lord”

“Give me one good reason I shouldn’t vanquish you this second?”
“You need me, my lord”

“Do I?”

“Yes my lord” Gray winced avoiding a burst of flames, “Yes, my lord, you do, you need me to make sure that the Delicai won’t find a broken, guilty remorseful chosen one. They need to assume she is one of us, that she gave into her darkness, my lord”
“You are lucky, you made a good recovery plan”

“My lord?”

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