Counting Corvids Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen “Hallows Hunt”

Willow left early in the morning the neighbourhood children already seemed hyper on sugar. Tacky cobwebs, plastic decorations and lanterns littered front gardens all around, everything looked incredibly cheap in the light of day. Willow found herself sat by the side of the bridge in the park. Willow had sat there for hours by herself just waiting for the sun to go down.

Just as the sun finally set the air had become much cooler and sweeter, Willow pulled herself up slinging her bag over her shoulder, the little bottles inside clinked as she got it in position. Heading back towards the Gourlay compound. Spotting the starting strays all on the hunt, Willow casually vanquished them before anyone could notice. Sat just out of sight of the entrance to the compound, Willow waited to vanquish them as they exited.

After an hour Willow started to grow more impatient and frustrated waiting for the Gourlays clearly becoming weaker and more hesitant with every vanquish, Willow made a decision. Willow had impacted their collective, with all their power being shared she realised that she would have to go inside to prevent their hunt tonight, to protect the Gourlays future victims. From the rumblings inside they were desperate to hunt but afraid to risk it. Taking a breath, she slipped into the entrance, she began vanquishing the Gourlays who had come to see her off. She was surrounded by Gourlays, Willow noticed that each one was female, she had yet to see a man amoung them. One by one she wiped them out; finally finding the first and only male on the compound. He was clearly some kind of king, leader, alpha male, but he didn’t stand a chance against Willow. His greatly reduced collective had left him struggling to survive clinging to the stairs. His vile green eyes were blood shot, each breath emitted a vapour of toxic smoke.

Willow couldn’t stop herself, she couldn’t stop blowing things up in her blind rage, she was on a roll and couldn’t resist. She took her anger out on windows, doors, walls and the demon until she stood alone in the foyer, everything shattered, shredded into tatters by the toll she had taken out. Exhausted she fell to her knees.


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