Counting Corvids Chapter Thirteen Cheeky Extras


Well they are low level that’s for sure.

They are UGLY to an extreme degree. They are as a whole 99% female except of course the traditional male leader/overloard.

Oh these guys are seriously in-bred and are essentially a mini-cult.

Completely unique to the demon world these demons are certainly an easy lay J for sure.

They often try to seduce a mortal, often young men, in order to steal their youth to increase the collective.

The collective: It’s a strange thing, built from the youth energies that they steal. It’s also a source of power. The victims become a pile of ash after the youth is drained from them.

Gourlay demons can only legitimately leave the compound once a year on Halloween because of their appearance. They have lime green eyes and are not particularly attractive. They slip into human society during Halloween because it is much simpler to seduce while appearance can be blamed on the festivities of the holiday.


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