Counting Corvids Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen “Bear Witness”

“That’s not what happened, please you have to listen, she was possessed.”
“Lies, even after death you try to protect her”
“Your wrong that’s not what happened it was Gray”
“How convenient”
“Nothing about this is convenient”
“Silence, my decision is made” The room finally fell silent, Madi struggling to hold her tongue. “Willow is guilty, therefor, no alliance can be made between good and her kind. I will hear no more.” Madi was sent back to the after life without thought.


Willow had just caught up with the scorch demon and vanquished it as a figure in golden robes appeared to watch. Hunter held back from the chase hiding behind a tree. “I have come from the high council of all that is good. We heard your case and your crimes. Willow Caroline Weyward, I Eldridge Valentine Percival leader of the high council gave the verdict of guilty upon evidence of the court. It is with heavy heart that I am here to announce that no alliance can be made with you or your kind until true redemption is found.” Willow broke down devastated not hearing his final words before he left as quickly as he had come.

Willow in all her rage encircled herself in a ring of violet fire burning brighter as her anger grew. Hunter finally came out from behind the tree and shimmered behind Willow, pulling her face to face. He tried to calm her but found no joy. Finally he pulled her through the flames onto the other side. “I just wanted to make it right, I just wanted to do them proud, I’ve failed everyone.” Hunter pulled her further from the circle and watched as the entire circle and its inner were consumed in the violet flames reaching up above the tree tops until Willow finally stopped and extinguished them herself.

Hunter stood watching her in pure shock, she had far more power then he had anticipated, and his favourite shirt had been singed as proof. She was as much a marvelous powerful creature as a dangerous weapon.

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