Counting Corvids Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen “Hell Hath No Fury…”


“They knew about Mad, they had the facts they are just using this as an excuse.”
“I know, but what can we do?”
“I don’t know”
“Willow isn’t taking this well, at all, I’m worried”
“Well of course not, she blames her self, she shouldn’t but she does.”
“I know but she won’t listen to us, we are her parents”
“We could ask Hunter if he-”
“No dear, we shouldn’t, there is something not quite-” Willows father stopped mid sentence as Willow walked into the kitchen, make a cup of tea, without speaking she left the room. “She is miserable”

“I know, if I could make things better I would do it in a heartbeat”
“I know, but where is she going now? She never spends time in the house anymore.” The front door slammed and Willow walked off down the street. “You don’t think she heard?”
“No, she is too deep in that funk to have heard a thing.”
Willow ignored the people going by, she didn’t even notice Hunter drive by. She just carried on walking back to the park, she had been drawn there ever since Madi had died. Part of her couldn’t understand how or why she had stopped feeling guilty. None of this made any sense anymore. She couldn’t work out how it ever had. Willow had started throwing tiny little fireballs into the water by the bridge.

“You shouldn’t do that, exposure risk” Willow whipped her head round to find a man standing behind her. “I don’t care”
“I know, you’re the one aren’t you?”
“The chosen one?”

“Just because you are the chosen one doesn’t exempt you from the rules you know?”
“Yeah well”
“The rebel without a cause act is see through. We can all see you beating your self up since our Madi’s death”
“Your Madi?”
“She was a Delicai, just like me”
“Yeah well you should have realised your probably safer as far away from me as possible.”
“I don’t believe you, you wouldn’t be here every day torturing yourself if that was true.”
“Can you go now?”
“Just go will you.” He stood there, in frustration she shot another tiny fireball at his feet, he muttered “fine” and left.


On Willows way back that evening Willow walked past an alley, she heard screams for help, without a thought she headed in the direction of the cries, not noticing that yet again in the shadows Hunter was in hot pursuit. Willow came across a group of men trying to mug a woman. When Willow arrived, not showing fear, not running from the screams of the woman, not running from them they were surprised by the look of determination in Willow. They let the woman go releasing her wrists and she ran off, but Willow carried on walking towards them. They goaded her, Willow had been looking for an excuse all day and they were giving her one.
She stepped closer growing a fireball in her hand, the gang had no idea what was going on until she threw the ball over their heads and it hit the wall. Hunter’s hand wrapped around Willows wrist as he pulled her back. “Willow you need to stop this”
“I can’t”
“Look stay with me for a couple of days, sort your head out, forget what’s happened a little and relax”
“I guess, I could? Thank you”
“No problem, got to look after my girl” Willow smiled back at him.


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