Counting Corvids Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen “The Movement”

On yet another of Willows walks to the park she sat by the bridge slowly becoming more and more curious at a sparkling of sunlight in the water underneath the shadow of the bridge. Slowly she edged her way towards it. She bent down and reached into the water, her hand grasped the cool surface of what turned out to be a compact mirror, thinking nothing of it slipped it back into the water. Standing to go to turn back up the slope she heard voices from the bridge above.

Two demons were openly talking, complaining about the Colter demons throwing a fit at the news of the return of the Gourlay leader. Apparently he had been lucky striking a deal becoming a Marfa. The idiot who had vanquished the inbred filth had no idea what they were doing, left the collective holder intact. There was just enough left to bring him back, it’s why the Gourlays were coming out of hiding to hunt again. Some had escaped the massacre. Willow bit her lip in frustration listening in but she had a new plan for the day.

Swallowing her pride she entered her home, her parents welcomed her back instantly. “Well we had wondered if you had destroyed it, we just didn’t ask because of your charming mood.”
“How do I find it, everything there looks like trash”
“We thought it might? But there should be a room in the heart of the building it’s probably going to seem like a palace in comparison, hell I wouldn’t be surprised if it was in the king’s bedroom, they tend to have egos. But you will know when you see it”
With that Willow got up and made her way to the compound. It looked no different then the boarded up pig sty it had become. “Kill the collective kill them all” she muttered to herself tip toeing round, straining her ears for the slightest of noises.

Finding a broken board she took a look into the darkness gathering the courage to creep inside. Tip toeing through the darkness she searched the rooms. The staircase full of holes and splinters from her tirade, she climbed up as carefully as she could until she reached the landing. There was no mistaking the noises coming from a barely open door, making out a crackling of pink fire coming from a tall cast iron urn around it were various cushions, throws and beds. Just out of sight were those responsible for the noises.

Willow felt a hand on her shoulder and jumped out of her skin, there beside her stood three Gourlays pushing her into the room. Willow landed feet from the urn. She couldn’t take her eyes off of it. “Mesmerizing isn’t she” the Gourlay king stood by the urn, thankfully to Willows surprise, fully clothed. He spoke again, “Do I look different now? Its got to be this new body, gorgeous isn’t it?” He wasn’t talking to her, but he wasn’t wrong, despite the vile green eyes he was a toned Adonis. Realistically he was a demon fresh from the kill, his latest victim strewn across one of his many beds. The kings subjects clearly restless pacing the floor between her and her exit.

“It will be so sweet to bend you over and turn your body into one of us, you would make such a pretty little thing in my beds.”

With all her focus Willow attempted to vanquish the king again but failed, her detestation at his words providing distractions. She tied to aim for the collective, but failed it was too strong, too full. Thinking on her feet Willow fired at the Gourlays pacing the room. Keeping them at bay from the corner of her eye she could see the collective flickering darker and darker, becoming almost blood red, this time with some focus she hit the collective, it smashed to smithereens the remaining Gourlays became consumed in the blood red flames until once again they had become a stenching puff of green smoke.



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