Counting Corvids Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen “Tactical Errors”


“Hey, I believe we met once, you were nice, I’m Oliver” Willow stared in disbelief, “you’re Madi’s Ollie?”

“Not quite, I used to be, but we broke up, a long, long time ago”
“Come in”
“Thank you, well like I was saying, we broke up, a long time ago, and well I’ve come to ask some questions, you see I remember being kidnapped by these things?”
“Demons” Willow interjected, “yes well these things kidnapped me then this thing took over me,”
“Another demon”
“Well ok, then I wake up here, after having a massive argument with Madi I stormed off and I never got to thank you for saving me and your kindness?” Willow denied that he had anything to thank. She explained what happened that night and what happened since.

“I’m sorry that’s awful to hear, but you do try your best, you can’t ask more from yourself but that.”
“I suppose, so is that all that brought you here?”
“Not quite you see, well when I left I started to be able to do things, I think I kind of have it under control but-”
“It scared you?” He nodded. “I can only assume its my fault, I am so sorry, I think that might be the small bit of information Madi left out when we were getting rid of Gray. I’m sorry.”

“No, no don’t be, I just wanted to talk to you about it, I hoped you might understand” Willow smiled, “well I had been thinking about going on a demon hunt today, would you like to come with me, you don’t have to, I just thought-”
“Yeah sure, you can teach me some control perhaps?” Willow smiled, Oliver leaned a little closer, interrupted by Willows phone ringing. “Oh, hi… don’t worry… I was… yeah, sure… maybe we can talk later… yes I am fine… I promise talk soon… yep bye” Willow hung up apologizing to Oliver.


Willow lead the way to some new caves that she had been watching for a while. “I think there is a nest in there, but I can’t be sure what we will find. Are you sure you want to do this?”
“Yes” Oliver took her hand and she led the way inside. Half an hour later they heard voices from a nearby chamber. They slowed down and crept along quietly only turning to look behind them after hearing sets of foot prints stop, unfortunately they were quickly surrounded, knocked out and hands tied, they were thrown into an open chamber they led them on with one word “leverage” and threw them into a dark alcove in the adjoining chamber, locking them in behind the bars. Willow managed to untie the bindings but couldn’t get the door open or shimmer. The pair slunk further into the dark depths of the cell curling into each others arms unable to break free of their captivity, empty of ideas.



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