Counting Corvids Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Nineteen “Don’t Go”


“Eric is Willow home?”
“No, Hunter, who are you?”
“That’s a bit of an odd question?”
“No its not, your a demon and a powerful one at that”
“I don’t know what you mean”
“Don’t lie to me. I assume Willow doesn’t know”
“Of course not. You can sense me?”
“Off the scale”
“Do you think she can?”
“I don’t know, what were you using to hide yourself”
“A Fury talisman” Eric stared angrily at Hunter. “Please Eric you can’t tell Willow”
“Why not? She deserves to know”
“Because I love her Eric, I want to be with her”
“You need to tell her what you really are”
“I will, just let me do it, please” Eric nodded. “So you wouldn’t happen to know where my daughter is?”
“I thought she was here?”
“She hasn’t been here in days” Hunter bolted out the door and begun his own hunt, Eric however turned to his wife and told her exactly what was going on. Everything about Hunter and everything about himself and the power that Willow had. They knew they had to get to Willow first.

Being dragged in a chain; Eric, Adelaide, Willow and Oliver raced for the cave exit, blowing fireballs over their shoulders and down the surrounding chambers as demon after demon chased them out into the open. In the open air fewer of them were willing to risk the fight, not from the watchful presence of a livid Hunter hiding just out of sight.

Panting heavily in the middle of a clearing the four counted their blessings, they finally carried on to an open field near a long stretch of road.

Oliver threw his arms around Willow and kissed her before saying goodbye and starting to run, seconds later he shimmered out. Willow stood in shock a few tears fell, wiping them away she turned to her parents and hugged them.

They made their way slowly heading in the vague direction of home. Caught off guard an unmistakable demon appeared behind them. His arms heavily tattooed, the words “bounty hunter” etched across his chest. Willow struggled to breathe as she saw her parents fall to the ground. The demon with blood soaked knives in each hand sneered and in the blink of an eye was gone. Willow fell to her knees cradling her parents, crying, screaming out in wrenching anguish unable to heal them. Hunter himself despite his depths of anger shed a tear at the sounds of Willows pain echoing around them. Even as the sun set she couldn’t be pried away, she couldn’t save them no matter what she tried.

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