Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty “Hunting the Hunter”

“I’ve already traded your only clue”
“Not at all, but it did look similar to the talisman you’re wearing”
“I can say no more” with that the bounty hunter was pulled through the floor, disappearing before she could vanquish him. Willow skulked off back to her parent’s room and curled up on the bed. She had been there for days summoning the bounty hunter was her only idea other then destroying him.


In the depths of the underworld the bounty hunter screamed in agony at the hands of Hunter, moments later he erupted in black flames in front of a sneering Hunter.


Willow kept trying to summon the bounty hunter but got nothing. Eventually she gave up and sat back onto her parent’s bed. Curling up into a ball and fell asleep for the first time since their death. She just slept quietly too exhausted to dream.

Hunter watched quietly from the armchair in the corner of the room, unable to reach her, she was isolating herself from everything and everyone.



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