Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-One

Chapter Twenty-One “Control”


Willow finally left the house to get some air, Hunter had gone to work and she just wanted a little space. Willow found herself back in the park just like she had done so many times before. She watched children and their parents having fun playing around. On the approach to the bridge Willow started to feel dizzy, the ground beneath her seemed to spin and the voices behind her dimmed before the world seemed to switch off.

When Willows eyes opened she had a paramedic firing questions at her. Barely able to focus she passed out again.


Willow woke in a hospital bed wires attached to her. A doctor sat beside her “Well Willow it looks like we found out why you fainted, it seems your in the early stages of pregnancy.” Willows head spun, “no I can’t be?”
“Well you are, here are a few leaflets while you wait is there anyone we can call to let them know where you are?”
“No there’s no one, I want to go home now”
“No I want to leave, please, I have to be somewhere, anywhere but here. Please.”


“Do you swear you are the only one who knows?”

“Yes my lord, no one else knows you hired my best hunter then vanquished him.” He snarled.
“You owe me another my lord”
“I owe you nothing”

“My lord”
“You however owe me greatly, you need to find my payment, the bounty hunter took it, and it must never fall into the wrong hands”

“My lord”

“Now go find it, tell anyone and you will pray that I had just vanquished you this second.”
Willow sat alone in the darkness. Hunter wasn’t back yet. She had read through the leaflets over and over, but that hadn’t stopped her tearing them up and throwing them out. She had spent the past few hours jumping between sobbing hysterically to smiling quietly to herself. Willow was lost in thought when Hunter returned. Startled she accidently clipped his shoulder with a small fireball. She apologized repeatedly. Finally gaining some control she mastered herself healing Hunter’s fresh wound before her eyes.


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