Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-Two

Chapter Twenty-Two “Lost Talisman”

“I need your help, I don’t know who else to turn to”
“Do you think it was one of us?”
“No, I just, do you have any ideas? I need to find out who did this, I need to know why.” The tear streamed down Willows cheek. Eldridge softened and sat her down. “Have you tried starting from where it happened and work backwards?”
“No, do you think it will work though?”
“Have you tried everything else?”
“Thank you Eldridge, just please know, I understand now. I am sorry more then you can ever imagine.”
“I know”
Willow sat beside the blood soaked grass, she ran her hands through the dried blood, clumsily her fingers met a cold object on the grass, fumbling she picked it up. In her hand she held a talisman similar to her fathers that she had taken to wearing. But unlike her fathers this didn’t have the image of her beloved magpies, no this talisman had a cold crow.

Stuffing the talisman in her pocket she stood up scrambling to get to her phone ringing in her jeans pocket. “Hello, oh hi… yeah don’t worry I will be home soon, I just went for a walk.” Willow put her phone away and shimmered back taking a light run back to the house. Hunter answered the door, seconds later Willow did a mad dash sprint to the bathroom and threw up.

A concerned Hunter stood at the door asking if she was ok. “I’m fine, I think I ate something dodgy.” Half hour later she curled up on the sofa watching reality T.V falling asleep, she didn’t hear a knock at the door.
“I came to see Willow”
“She’s asleep”
“Right can you tell her I called by?”
“I doubt it” and Hunter slammed the door in Eldridge’s face. Eldridge knocked again, this time when Hunter opened the door he flashed his eyes black as coal “good bye” he said and slammed the door.

A horrified Eldridge stood on the other side he closed his eyes and looked up at the sky, “someone needs to watch over that girl she’s in more danger then we realised.”

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