Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-Three

Chapter Twenty-Three “Hornets Nest”


Willow had been following the tycoon leader who had imprisoned her before her parents came to her rescue. Finally catching up she pinned it down in the darkness of the caves he had lead her down loosing her sense of direction.

Finally, it cracked in weakness “the one who ordered the hit wore a talisman like yours” she pressured it for more answers but got no further. She released it and turned to leave, instinctively she threw a fire ball over her shoulder at the demon readying his attack. He burst into familiar flames screaming out. Moments later the air was thick with blood thirsty demons.

Hunter had been with the rest of the swarm that now stood to attack Willow, realising he wouldn’t get the chance to silence the fraction the leader himself. He was obviously surprised when he shimmered in after the demons to see Willow battling on all fronts. Quickly he pushed past and got to Willow getting to duck quickly, the crowd of demons thinned only a few foolish rebels remained for Willow to vanquish. She passed out on the cold cave floor. Hunter lifted her and shimmered back to the house.

Willows eyes opened to find herself under the intense gaze of Hunter yet again. His eyes filled with concern. He explained what happened. “I’m fine just a bit run down is all, its been exhausting and what with my sensitive tummy I am sure its nothing to worry about, its probably just the change in weather that’s all” Willows attempts to placate him had worked he bought her lie.


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