Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-Four

Chapter Twenty-Four “Grandfather Dearest”


Willow found her way down a winding path through the rubble and dips through the underworld following the magpie on her talisman. The tunnel became narrower and shorter until she came out into a chamber filled with hundreds of demons, each wearing a talisman like hers, each with a different creature upon it. Some with larger talismans up to the size of a palm others with smaller then a thumbnail.

Willow had gone through unnoticed even as she walked through into another much grander chamber. In the centre of the chamber was a throne. Willow started to approach, there in the chair sat a man, his talisman slightly bigger then his palm, on it was a magpie like hers, only his was encrusted in black and white diamonds glistening in the eerie light. He jumped from his seat upon seeing her pendant and approached her.

“Why do you have the pendant, I know it’s not yours” seconds later all of the demons in the chamber had turned to watch. “It was my fathers.”
Willow swallowed, “he died” the demons face fell. “Then that makes you an heir, my granddaughter I suppose, we must talk” He pulled her away from the whispering crowd. Willow explained all that had happened and showed him the talisman she had found. “I know that talisman, its fury made. It was made for the son of all that is evil, before it was perfected a banshee stole it for a demon. He had wanted to covet it too badly, you can see it’s ever so slightly unfinished. The intended had no patience to wait for another so he sent a demon to find it. After that it was said to be lost. But you are on the right trail.” Willow sighed in frustration.

“Willow, join us, take your place beside me on the throne, you’re family, we can rule together, what do you say? Make an old demon very happy.” Willow felt tempted by his argument “I can’t I am sorry, I have to find out who did this. I am sorry.”
“Once he is found, come back, we can rule the underworld together.”
Willow nodded before leaving conflicted she made her way back through the tunnels before she could shimmer back to an empty house.


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