Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-Five

Chapter Twenty-Five “In the ruins”


Willow stood on the edge of a dense woodland staring into the darkness. Patches of sunlight littering the ground, stood in her way was a Colter demon attempting to block her path. It only took moments for Willow to vanquish it. She started heading into the trees following the pull through the darkness.

Willow slipped past creeping ivy covered trees, thorny bushes and fallen logs. Her sense of unease grew the tighter the gaps between the trees shrunk away. In a tiny clearing she came across a web of ivy blocking her path, impatient she blasted it away. “You shouldn’t have done that” Willow whipped around to see an ivy demon standing behind her. The demon had pulled creeping ivy through ground as it began wrapping itself around Willows feet. Willow started firing at the demon moving at speed around her. Finally Willow hit her and the demon burst into bright pink flames. Willow broke free of the ivy, turned and ran through the trees leaping over stumps.

Willow hit another clearing, in front of her stood a ruined mansion. Willow edged forward, shadows moved where the glass used to be in the frames. Willow walked up into the doorway struggling to push against the heavy door. Creeping through the entrance her eyes strained by the decaying building. Willow stepped forward onto a creaking board immediately she was surrounded by tall women with graying skin and lavender hair their clawed hands out stretched.
“Wait no, I need to talk… I need to know!” A banshee opened its mouth beginning to scream, automatically she vanquished it the others flinched. “None of that.”

They nodded their understanding. “I need to know who this was stolen for” they feigned ignorance at the presented talisman until she threatened another vanquish.

“Wait” a raspy voice sounded, “you must seek one whose minions loyally serve.”

“Explain” Willow caught sight of the banshee lurking in the corner of her eye advancing, watching her. The banshee that spoke remained silenced. Willow vanquished its advancing comrade “Fine, your trail continues with a Colter follow the trail back but beware, more danger then you will dare to dream lies ahead, understand this, you didn’t hear it from us.” Willow saw them beginning to circle once more like hyenas they had started to relax their jaws, Willow shimmered away to avoid their sudden pounce landing back into the forest. “Gray.”

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