Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-Six

Chapter Twenty-Six “Shoot the messengers”


Willow raced back to the house and up towards her parent’s bedroom. The house empty she threw open the trunk at the foot of the bed, she rummaged through the bed sheets to find a book. She flicked through potion notes, charms and so on making her own notes to plot her trap. Closing the book she replaced it and made her way off into the locked room moving the lock with a click of the wrist she re-locked the door as she made her way further into the room filled with shelves of jars and set to work.


“My lord, I trust that you have heard the rumours?” Hunter’s eyebrow raised letting Gray continue. “There has been a ripple, a rumour of your weakness at the hands of the girl. She has hunted us as sport and you let her continue. They are starting to wonder if their loyalty has been misplaced my lord.”

“They are or you are?”
“My lord, I serve only you, she is hunting us all in her quest to find… well, to find you.”
“She won’t find me, will she? Gray?”
“No, my lord.”
Willow had summoned yet another Colter the sixth so far, she still hadn’t grabbed Gray’s attention. The message wasn’t being received. By the ninth vanquish she heard a key in the front door. With a few flicks of the hand she had tidied everything away quickly. Readjusting her t-shirt as she raced downstairs smiling as Hunter walked in. “So what have you been up to today?”
“Oh you know, the usual a little clear out, practically done in two shakes of a lambs tail” she smiled, “so what about you?”
“Oh you know, the usual” they smiled and went to make a start on dinner.

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