Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-Seven

Chapter Twenty-Seven “Undercurrent”


Gray stood amoung the remaining of his Colter army some baring the marks of torture. He finally received the message. Gray and his Colters headed straight to Hunter.

“You can’t be here” Hunter hissed at the demons filling the house.

“I clearly can. You need to control your woman, she’s been sending me a message.” He brandished his wounded Colters. Hunter’s eyes rolled. He vanquished the wounded infuriating Gray even further.

“How dare you even-… you are too clearly blinded by your lust for the girl.” Hunter made to silence Gray but he continued. “You will sort this, or I will lead the tide that swallows you whole and avenges our comrades that suffered at your weakness.” Gray and the Colters shimmered back to the underworld leaving a livid Hunter.

Hunter began to look back on his morning, Willows nonchalant attitude this morning over her strange behaviour as she waved him off. He had spent the morning in the underworld hearing rumours of disturbances struggling to think of a way to send a warning. He could feel his choke hold on the underworld beginning to loosen, was Willow really to blame for his new weakness and distraction that the scum of the world demons had begun moving against? His throne clearly at risk, should his plan fail.


Willow had raced from waving Hunter off, back to her locked room and poured over vanquishing potions and the little book hidden under the table. She had started reading a little book of Elemental baby names she had found in her parent’s room, even earmarked on her name, she smiled rubbing the page.

Hunter hadn’t returned after work, taking her opportunity Willow had taken the opportunity to research her options. Pulling out the laptop and began searching for advice, for and against her baby spending more time looking at positive options finding little tips and so on as she read on book marking clothes and equipment and so on. She seemed to have made her mind up, assuming Hunter was out for the night she closed the laptop shut and fell asleep beside it.

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