Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-Nine

Chapter Twenty-Nine “I Do”


Demons flanked her on both sides down the dark chamber, the aisle alight with fireballs. Steadying her unease, discomfort and nerves Willow stepped forward resisting the urge to run. Willow made it to the alter. Hunter smiled at Willow not seeing her stone like gaze. The hooded figure began to speak. Willows eyes rolled, her body tensed and she collapsed to the floor. Hunter dipped down to revive her but she wouldn’t wake. Testing to find her pulse he couldn’t find one, he shot into a fiery rage sending demons flying in his anger and pain.


Willow woke in her house but it all seemed different. Her parent’s room had become her own. She ventured downstairs, there at the head of the table sat Hunter in a council of the demons. Seconds later she was thrown across the room. The place was under attack again opportunistic demons being hunted by the Delicai had landed in the room, Willows heart broke as Hunter casually killed them. Willow screamed “no” Hunter’s face said it all as he pulled her away and out of sight of the demons. “We talked about this darling, your alliance is with me not them.” he hissed before storming back into his meeting slamming the door.

“This is not what I wanted, I never ever wanted this, it can’t be real, it can’t be. I don’t want to this.”
Willow opened her eyes in sunshine, someone took her hand as she lay on the grass. Willow turned to see Oliver laying beside her. She smiled, she didn’t care too much about the ache in her shoulder. She sat up and pulled Oliver to his feet as they turned to vanquish the Quake that had sent them flying. “There’s nothing quite like vanquishing yet another demon is there?” Oliver grinned as he blindfolded Willow leading her gently.

“You remember in that prison cell when we talked and you told me about that dream? Well, give me one second, I tied the knot too well, sorry honey.” He undid the blindfold, she slowly opened her eyes “you didn’t?”

“I did” he smiled and lead her through the gates it was beautiful, “I found one just like the one we saw in Grimeston, that pretty fountain we fell in love with, so what do you think?”
“Its perfect, you’re perfect” she beamed throwing her arms around him. “We just have to be careful with the demons but other then that isn’t it beautiful?”

Willow opened her eyes in nothingness. “Willow its time to choose” her parents stood in front of her. “Choose between good and evil, fight for evil and have more power then you can dream or fight for good and battle the eternal fight for what is right.” Willow smiled she knew her choice.


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