Counting Corvids Chapter Thirty

Chapter Thirty “The point of no return”


Willows eyes opened in an attic, exposed roof beams above her she hauled herself out of bed. Her feet hit the warm floor boards creaking below her, she tried to lighten her step as she edged towards the small window. Outside the neighbourhood seemed quite picturesque.

She caught her reflection across the room, her hair needed dying her roots were disgusting. She looked down, her hand reached her stomach, full and much bigger then when she remembered it. “The baby survived the potion don’t worry.” Willow looked up relieved she threw her arms around Eldridge. He sat Willow down on the bed and began to talk. “Well after Hunter finally let go of you, an hour later or so maybe more, they took you to prepare for your funeral, we managed to steal your body and we brought you here. We looked after you, we brought you to this safe house. As far as I know Hunter thinks a demon stole your body, but doesn’t know that you’re not actually dead.”
Willow took a deep breath before she began retelling some of the dreams she had seen of a life with evil and a life with good. Eldridge frowned as she continued to explain before she told him what her parents had said. “It was not a dream, you saw two realities good and evil, you do have to make that choice.”
“I have”

“Good, I am glad, but you have to understand this choice is permanent and binding. What you decide defines not only your future but every Elemental and of course your baby. You need to make sure that it is what you really want.” Willow nodded her understanding.


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