Counting Corvids Chapter Thirty-Two

Chapter Thirty-Two “Through The Vines”


Willow had just finished packing and was about to say good bye when they came under attack. A band of scorch demons lay in wait. Willow and Eldridge started vanquishing side by side. Amoung the sea of demons she felt Eldridge beginning to tire. Willow blasted at them she saw one in the corner of her eye shimmer out before she had the chance to get him. Finally they were free of demons. Eldridge ushered Willow on to her journey. He could feel her conflict in leaving but he knew she needed answers.


Willow sensed her way through the wilderness avoiding demons, the odd cactus, and the odd rogue fireball. The pull was becoming stronger with each step. Completely focused she didn’t notice the thorny shrub by her side, well not until it had slashed right across her arm. Willow stared at it gasping in pain as it dripped with blood. Clutching her arm with her free hand. She felt a strange warm feeling mixing with her blood, she looked down to see the skin slowly starting to mend before her eyes.

Shaking the blood off of her hand she followed a path way that had grown, a train of blue bells that lead through the woods until stood before her was a solid looking hedge as tall as the trees, the blue bells seemed to continue through the hedge.

Taking a deep breath she touched the hedge only to find it felt as soft as snow she stepped forward into the hedge she followed the trail of blue bells winding through, all Willow could distinguish was the soft hedge and the trail of blue bells as she stepped out blinking in the sunlight.

The path of bluebells melted into trails of snow drops leading through gaps in the trees over fallen logs and across little pools of water. She watched as a bird over head took flight and she carried on walking. Spotting a magpie in her path she greeted it and did her best attempt to bow, her stomach making things awkward. The magpie bowed back and came to rest on her shoulder. The snow drops disappeared by a second magpie who took to her other shoulder. Allowing the magpies to guide her forward until she was met with a huge cast iron gate flanked by two tall deep thick hedge rows. This was it.

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