Counting Corvids Chapter Thirty-Three

Chapter Thirty-Three “Secret dream”


Willow rested her hand on the gate, it opened so easily it could have been as light as air stepping through it glided smoothly shut behind her. Willow crossed the sweet little bridge over the stream that grew and shrunk with every wave and trickle, reminding her of the beach as a child. On the banks were little flowers that shrunk around the stone lion and lioness hugging them as though they had just fallen into a doze beside them.

Climbing roses grew against the high hedged walls drawing the sunlight in. Turning she saw a beautiful lavender blue house with sweet white porch swings. It looked like the house she had described from her dream to Oliver. She turned back to the gate watching the squirrels jumping and chasing each other through the stream.

Willow didn’t notice the shadow approaching behind her, Oliver’s hand rested on her shoulder, she turned to face him. He staggered back in surprise, first at Willow then at her very obvious bump.

“Is that Hunter’s?” She looked down where he pointed at the baby. She shook her head no, quickly she began explaining what had happened in short. “After you left, after you ran, a bounty hunter killed my parents, then I found out about the baby a few weeks later, I knew it couldn’t have been his but I was hell bent on finding out who had hired the bounty hunter. It turns out it was Hunter, some sick trap, he tried to force me to marry him… but I died, well kind of, then I woke up well… the baby survived and I was massive, I found out you were alive and I had to talk to you so I started to find you, I had to see you, I had to tell you, I couldn’t hide this from you, I’m sorry. I get that this is all a shock, it’s up to you what happens, I just, I felt like you had to know.”

“You’re blaming me for what happened after I left?”
“No I didn’t say that”
“It sounds that way”
“Well then your hearing wrong”
“Then what are you trying to say?”
“The baby is yours” Oliver’s face dropped in shock. “So you came here why? For money? For me to tell you its ok? Because this isn’t ok.”

“No I told you because you deserved to know”
“You can’t just drop this on me and expect me to what? Be happy? Willow you can’t do that”

“That’s not why, you deserved to know and now you do. Clearly I was mistaken to think that you might actually have a reasonable adult conversation to clear the air. I’m Sorry.” She turned and headed for the gate unable to shimmer away she stormed back the way she came until she found her way back through the hedge finally able to shimmer. Tears streamed from her eyes as she disappeared.


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