Author Updates (August 16)


Well… Whats been happening this month?

Well… COUNTING CORVIDS has now been released on Amazon… Click here for the link … Please get yourself a copy! Yay!!!! This is your chance to get an advanced view on the last few chapters… Yay! So go find out ahead, the kindle book contains both the story chapters and those cheeky extra’s.

I am still learning guitar, its two and a half months in and I bet you are rolling your eyes right now. Yep I do want to tell you all that I have learned this month! Well we finished learning Get Back by Demi Lovato, we are now learning World of Chances by Demi Lovato. I am finding that one much harder, its a tricky rhythm to match the chord changes to. But I am determined to one day be able to completely play it competently and confidently.

Ok, so I know last month I was very vague on the details of what happened with my friend in my last Author Update. There is a reason for that I assure you. I wanted to keep it very private because it was such a big issue that we disagreed on, emotionally abusive relationships. Those of you that know me very well will know that, that particular topic is one that I am very driven about. I discuss the ideas and subtleties in my writing or characters or stories. I have a few topics that really tend to agitate me; body shaming, slut shaming, rape culture and abusive relationships (physical or emotional). So of course I tend to make it something I want to increase awareness of in my writing.

That being said I have had to consider things very carefully, because this is something I am passionate about, but I am also very certain that it is not only private to me but to her as well. While there have been times when I have revealed things to the reader that I wouldn’t normally, there has been an occasion where I have bared the truth of situations. A good example of that is Breathing Smog, I don’t always want to share the most intimate thoughts and feelings, but on the occasion I do, it means a huge deal to me.

So yes in time I probably will use this incident, extracted and given a degree of anonymity, there will one day be a day where I can say exactly what happened without worrying about protecting the involved parties. But until then, it will remain a closed book.

But there are books that are open, and available to you. So here is the link to my amazon author page, why not see if something takes your fancy.

Ohh and yeah I’ve been a grumpy thing thanks to being in a bit of pain on the old ribs… might have to abandon them somewhere 😛

May luck and adventure be on your side!

ARA xxx

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