Counting Corvids Chapter Thirty-Five

Chapter Thirty-Five “Practice, Perspiration, Preparation”


Small explosions had been coming from inside the kitchen all morning. A tray on the table were set cooling in batches some capped on the table, empty bottles on the counter just waiting to be filled. Willow had been brewing for hours already this morning. Willow looked up to see a quake demon appear throwing potion trays across the room causing little fires and explosions on impact. Willow started firing at the demon assisted by whoever it was stood in the door way, the demon finally exploded but this time sent green slime everywhere.. Willow stood covered head to toe wiping the slime from her face she saw Oliver do the same.

Angrily willow started tidying up the smell of the vanishing slime that lingered on the remains of the potions. Willow started too pick up the glass and mop the potion ignoring Oliver’s attempts to help. “Willow, you have to talk to me at some point” she ignored him and continued to struggle to tidy the mess. “Willow just stop and listen, I was wrong-”
“Yes you were” Willow scrambled to pull herself up and walked into the garden. Oliver followed her.

“Willow please, I am sorry”
“Yeah so am I” he could hear the hurt in her voice, he tried to take her hand but she snatched it away. “You cant do this to me”
“Willow please think about it from my point of view, you tell me all that then that we are having a baby, all the hurt you went through, you thought I abandoned you, I had to protect you, I couldn’t stay, you know that.” tears rolled down her cheeks refusing to turn to face him Willow started to notice that there were new shadows around them starting to move. Willow demanded silence from Oliver and pointed them out before she started to fire at them.

Shadow demons started to burst into flames as Oliver helped Willow vanquish them shadows disappearing, Willow missed a few as they escaped. Willow turned and headed back into the house muttering “he will know I am alive now. Potions, got to make more” she left Oliver standing alone in the garden watching her.


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