Counting Corvids Chapter Thirty-Six

Chapter Thirty-Six “Testing the waters”

Willow had been fidgety all morning she had packed and unpacked her handbag adding and swapping potions, her baby bag had potions in every spare crevice. The garden and house had potions hidden everywhere. The shelves in the kitchen had become overrun.

Oliver found Willow practicing the control of her powers in the garden, “Willow can you stop that?”
“No, I have to be ready”
“You are, please, let me talk to you then you can carry on I promise.” Willow stopped.  “When you found me, I never got the chance to ask or find out what you thought of the house?”
“It was exactly as I had told you, exactly how I imagined it, better then I imagined it, your house is amazing.” Oliver smiled, “you mean our house, that is of course if you want it to be? You know, the three of us?” Willow beamed throwing her arms around him. “Erm Willow?”
“Did your water just break?” Willows eyes bulged with fear. They turned to go back into the house seeing a shadow of a sweeping arm coming towards them they ducked and fired at the Quake standing over them. Vanquishing him and his friend they ran into the house, they didn’t notice that odd shadow disappear.

Willow in panic told Oliver to get the bag. Eldridge came home to find her preparing to shimmer out to the circle.

Quickly wishing her luck and warning “you will be too far away from the protection of the house he will sense you and be able to reach you. Be careful and good luck” Willow nodded taking Oliver’s arm and the bag, shimmering out of the safe house and over to the stone circle on the Scottish islands where she herself had been born. It was time to continue on with traditions as they had always been.

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