Darling Daughters

Chapter Thirteen


It had been a couple of weeks since the British day and the exploding kitchen, both girls had withdrawn a bit from the town. They were buried in takeaways, homework and working their shifts. They had withdrawn a bit from one another. Their free time had dwindled. Summer seemed to have withdrawn into going through her files from Archie, stories of her family. Elizabeth buried herself in sugar craft guides.

A fairly important document, one of many, was within days of being read, one that would have a potentially huge impact on her life. With this document on the horizon, without her knowing Summer stopped reading the file for the evening. Summer fixed her hair and put a little gloss on her lips before checking herself in the mirror again.

She mindlessly ran her hand through the key bowl and found one much like her dresser draw key, with an “E” Scratched into the surface. Summer left the key on the top of the post-it pile for Elizabeth before she walked out the door.

Summer walked towards the gazebo trying to steady her nerves. There sat on the bench that she had sat on with Zach on British day sat Zach all by himself doing homework. She smiled walking over to him, behind him by a few steps she called out, “the answer is always pie.”

He looked up slowly, thoroughly confused, she smiled warmly at him. “Well, ok not always pie, because sometimes the answer is cake, or chocolate or-” he had stood up and kissed her lightly on the lips causing a jolt of electricity to spark through her nerves. She smiled as he pulled away, he put his work away into a bag.

“Friday night. I am off work, Ellie and I are doing a Potter marathon, did you maybe want to join us?” Summer’s cheeks were crimson, even when he agreed and set the time. Summer still blushed all the way to work.


Friday’s lessons seemed to drag by slowly taking a ridiculous amount of time to get through the day. Cassandra seemed so much more aggressive than her usual self, especially when Maggy kept pushing Cassandra’s buttons under the noise of the class. Maggy was taking a risk poking that bear.

Summer had taken notice of Maggy, her game playing to be exact, and her façade. It had to be said, she was a very sly flirt, especially around the slightly more attractive male species.

Cassandra was simple, competitive and she was competing with Summer directly. Maggy, she was playing a different game, winning the teachers over with her tactile smiles.

By the time the bell rang for the end of the day Summer was itching to reach town to go and get as much junk food as she could carry. Cassandra stood in Summer’s way in the hallway, “you won’t win, you know that right? I will be the valedictorian, I will get into Harvard, Yale and Darling and you won’t stop me.”

Summer walked past her, bumping shoulders as she rolled her eyes. She had better things to do than to listen to the ravings of a lunatic. Even though it was clear Summer’s wish wouldn’t be coming true any time soon, Cassandra had no intention of leaving her alone.


Summer was on edge of her seat waiting with Elizabeth as they laid out the snacks, the sweets and the take out. Summer was anxious, he seemed a little late. Summer jumped out of her skin when the doorbell finally rang.

Zach walked in awkwardly when Elizabeth made the joke that as long as he didn’t give Summer’s period a reason to be late it was fine. Summer glowered and glowed red when she hissed at Elizabeth to shut up.

They sat down and the movies began, and so did the munching of food. Elizabeth started to doze off during the second movie and started to snore quietly. Summer got up and pulled some blankets over Elizabeth.

Summer returned to her seat beside Zach, who rather gently put his arm around her. Still facing the screen, they smiled wondering who would cave first. Summer took initiative and took his other hand in hers as they sat watching the movie she leaned into him a little more until her head rested on his shoulder.

Eventually they were dozing through the credits curled up next to one another.


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