Carpe Noctem

Chapter Six: Leianna

“Wasn’t I glorious?” I see something in his eyes as he speaks. He may be beaming a kilowatt smile full of pride, but in his eyes, there is something else, like a flicker of sadness. Perhaps even there may be the tiniest vain of regret.

I suppose, that is why I couldn’t help myself from saying something. “Yet now you choose to live by the name Raxaorie and hide your past to live a sort of immortal life as an underworldling rather than live out your days praised in name as the angel who gave everything of his self to protect the childlikeness of the Adam and Eve’s, the creator of the protectors.” I can tell I have hit a sore spot. There is anger in his eyes, in that moment of darkness I can see something else. Defiance.

“You know nothing. I chose freedom. The first freedom,” I can see him trying to form the right words, “the freedom everyone is punished for, the freedom of choice.” I can see the passion in his expression now, something he cares about, in an honest way, he may have an angry furrowed brow, the boyish handsomeness might have faded. But right now, he looks simply, a man.

I couldn’t stop myself, we were sat so close, I could see the need for me to understand. I could feel him searching for some kind of understanding, that I could see his side. I just about managed to say “this is my choice” before I brought my lips to his and kissed him. I didn’t plan on it. It wasn’t how I thought kissing a demon would feel like, not that I had ever imagined that before, but he didn’t feel cold like I thought he might have. He felt warm and the world around me cold in comparison. “Did I just kiss the devil?” I asked myself aloud forgetting a whisper could be heard. Rather than show fury or anger he just laughed.

“I am not, but he was the first angel to fall.” He searched my face for a clue to my thoughts but I didn’t speak. “He lives on the further reaches of the city. Not so sociable. He tolerates me being here.”

“Why tolerate?” I ask. I can’t help but have thought that the devil would have welcomed another one of his kind.

“Because I am a reminder, and he is not certain I really belong here. I don’t blame him, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate having somewhere I can bide my time, somewhere to live and plan my future but I was never exactly his kind of material. I didn’t go for open rebellion. That feud is not mine to be involved in. I had a baby brother to think of, someone had to look after him. Except now, I don’t think I did a very good job considering I ended up in exile.” He frowned, all furrows and disappointment in his eyes in the place where that sparkle had been not long ago.

“Perhaps you taught him something worthwhile in being exiled?” Trying to find some kind of silver lining to his cloud.

“Probably, play by the rules or pay the price.”

“And what are your rules Saoris?”  I ask, wondering what name I should really be calling him when Raxaorie doesn’t really fit the man in front of me.

“You shouldn’t call me that” he didn’t supress a smirk, he raised an eye brow when I asked why not. “Haven’t you learnt a thing? The truth is a very dangerous thing.”

“Only to a liar.” I try to find what I am trying to say, like thoughts are sand until I think of earth, “like the politicians that turn the earth to-”

“Hell on earth. That is exactly what he is doing. The ice melts and the water rises and before long it will be a perfect new breeding ground for the creatures that hide in shadows and darkness.” I try to push a thought from my mind, ‘how can someone interrupting me be so sexy right now’ and instead I try to take in what he is saying.

“What do you want?” I ask wanting some kind of simple answer so that I could kiss that smirk right off his face.

“I want you to keep on your mission, I want you to open the dark portal for me. I want you to help me walk on earth without having to sacrifice the protection I have here. I want you to keep doing exactly what you are doing and keep following the plan.” He sounded so certain, so convincing. Even with that damn smirk on his face; charming, infuriating whichever side of the coin it was inescapable. Not that under that gaze, that stare that somehow pierces any armour or wall you could try to build. Like everything about you was readable and not in a bad way, like in a way that just seemed fascinating and so intoxicating. I suppose it made it hard to object to anything at all.

This time, he leant in very slowly, his arm resting behind me on the back of this ridiculous sofa, his eyes set locked on my own. I could feel my cheeks starting to flush, I couldn’t help but blush, the way his eyes seemed to have me under a microscope. I could feel the warmth of his breath and the soft twitch of the corners of his mouth before he spoke, “you’re blushing” his voice was barely a whisper. I dropped my gaze I couldn’t, help it, I looked down to my hands that had somehow found themselves trapped between my thighs, pinned still, probably not sure whether I could trust them not to go rogue on me. He hooked a finger under my chin and made me look back at him. Piercing pale blue eyes meeting mine “you’re biting your lip” he smirked. I hadn’t realised I had been but I stopped and felt my lip spring back no longer chewing on it. I swallowed. He seemed to be enjoying having me like this, blushing and trying to resist the chemistry that just seemed to build with every second.

“How is resisting temptation treating you?” I ask quietly.

He smiled, “I don’t know what you mean.”

“You do; you want to kiss me” it was my turn to smirk a little. It was only fair.

“Do I?” His eyebrows raised and he moved a tiny fraction closer as if I were about to impart some kind of wisdom.

“Mhmmm hmmm” I mumble. I moved a little closer, only a little, I stopped just before our lips could meet. I let him close the gap. I didn’t have to wait long. His lips met mine and I felt the room around me disappear, the coolness disappeared, the best way I could describe it is like my chest felt like it was glowing and it spread from my chest to every inch of my skin burning brighter where his lips met mine, where his fingers rested on my neck stroking gently as he kissed me. It must be as close to being on fire from the inside out as I could have ever experienced.

Fire. That word, it sent a shiver down my spine, suddenly making me feel the cold in the room. It made me feel exposed, open, readable. I pulled myself away from the kiss, like a bucket of ice had been poured over me I suddenly felt awake, less distracted, clear. Like I had been drunk one second and suddenly became stone cold sober the next.

“I shouldn’t have done that” I say the words tripping out of my mouth like I was apologizing, I shouldn’t have been apologizing.

“But it felt good?” He asked, but in that moment he looked like he had just woken up from a dream too, less dazed and hoping for more. He was looking for some kind of explanation I suppose.

“Yes…” I can’t help the flicker of a smile replaced with confusion, “no…”

“No?” He repeated looking for a moment crestfallen.

“Yes but it felt… It felt…” I couldn’t find the words no matter how hard I tried, “I felt… I’ve never felt like…”

“That?” Was he trying to fill in a blank or did he have something he wanted to say, “I have to ask you, how did that kiss make you feel?” There was space between us, he was close but far enough that I wanted him closer and at the same time I wanted more distance.

“It felt like nothing I ever felt before, I felt something different, the way the air felt in my lungs… it was different. It was like there was some kind of spark in my chest, a flicker, a flame I don’t know but it didn’t feel, I didn’t feel normal. It didn’t feel like the water in my blood, it felt like for a moment there wasn’t a single drop of water in the air. It didn’t feel like me. It felt… It felt like you” I realised.

“Me?” He asked surprise splashed all over his face.

“You… the blood of the angel in my veins.” I could barely register my own words, not that they sounded much my own now. They sounded on the verge of the realisation that was just out of reach, like I couldn’t make the connection. “This shouldn’t be possible?” I asked.

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