Darling Daughters

Chapter Nineteen


After a couple of days of ducking and diving Elizabeth finally managed to confront Summer over her avoiding her phone, burying herself in books and moving like the flash, moving like the speed of light in town.

Elizabeth didn’t react how Summer expected, Elizabeth was quiet, but she agreed with Simon, “just tell Zach how you feel, nicely.” Summer nodded taking her phone and walking out the door.

An hour or two later Elizabeth heard the door slam and a Summer sized blur speed into her bedroom and the music begin. “Sum, what happened?” the music went silent, “so I guess you cut the kid loose then?” Summer appeared at the door and glared coldly at Elizabeth. Elizabeth sat next to Summer who had crashed onto her bed.

“Ellie it was awful; it was like breaking up with a tiny puppy. Is it always like that? Is it always so hard?” Elizabeth looked sympathetically at Summer, before she finally replied. “Summer it’s hard for a reason, you know it is the right choice. It is never easy to walk away from someone you care for, but if it didn’t feel right in the relationship it just wasn’t right for you. That’s ok. Its ok if it doesn’t work out, it’s not failing.”

Summer shrugged when Elizabeth suggested takeaway. It seemed that takeaway was the tip of the iceberg of a few days involving takeaway, ice cream and bad comedy movies.


Before long it was Christmas, the girls with no plans decided to take delight in knowing they didn’t have to make a giant formal roast. Their Christmas spirit sat buried in the cupboard with the Christmas decorations. Instead they planned to hang out together and eat copious amounts of junk food.

Simon publicly, loudly congratulated them on their lack of Christmas enthusiasm at every opportunity. The town was covered in far too much tinsel and twinkle lights in his opinion and had repeatedly refused to put any decorations in the Diner at all. Which frustrated Thomas who would try to push decorations in the Diner every time he passed by.

Simon took true delight in Thomas’ frustration. With that in mind Elizabeth and Summer had suggested doing a spooky spoof of Christmas. They entered the Diner late at night past closing time and hung strings of black tinsel and the handmade edible bats and ghosts that Elizabeth and Summer had been making using sugar craft tricks which were hanging from the ceiling. With a box of spares hidden in the store room their work was done.

The next day had customers surprised as they could walk out of the diner sucking on a ghost or a bat. It seemed to have made the Diner popular over Christmas. Even when Thomas tried to hang candy canes in the Diner no one paid attention, until Simon caught him and marched him out the diner throwing the candy canes at him.

The Halloween hanging edibles theme even made its way to the bakery which sported the Christmas counterparts, reindeers, Santa’s and snowmen. The odd candy bombing (a little like yarn bombing) had taken over the town, covered in plastic wrap of course. It kept Summer and Elizabeth working hard in the evenings making more Christmas and Halloween creations.

By the time Christmas was over the girls had made a couple of boxes of champagne bottles and glasses to give to Caroline and Simon, as a thank you for the generous contributions for the costs of the candies and as a special thank you.

New Year’s eve, Summer’s favourite day of the year came and went. The spirit of the season began to fade when the heavy thud of a prospectus and letter were slammed on the table from Darling college. Summer was sorely tempted to not open it. She could feel that rebellious urge from Elizabeth. She had to remind herself that it could be the start of something amazing.

The plan set out for them didn’t sound too bad, Summer only had avoided opening it because she felt the bile of resentment. She had endured so much of being controlled and making the best of a bad situation she could only do so much. She had been avoiding her old home life and thrown herself into getting to know Elizabeth, she found herself joking one night that they felt more like sisters.

Elizabeth had been supportive of Summer when she finally opened up about what she had known until now. She accepted Summer’s gratitude, but just like Summer she struggled to open up about her past until a rather tipsy New Year’s eve. They had bonded, finally being able to trust one another.


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