Knitter Knatter

Its number Six!!!

I’m still working on that cardigan but its ok… It just keeps looking better and better!


The front panel really looks awesome, so pretty!

Working on the headache that is the frills! Seriously needed more concentration than normal. That or I was probably very tired at the time…

The finally completed frills look super sweet in theory, but sewing it on made me super anxious…

So I managed to sew it up and do the edging and made my button holes (FIRST TIME EVER) I decided that I should make one for the baby then the little baby can match her older sister… Also I must buy some buttons!!


Carpe Noctem

Chapter Six: Petrova

“You brought me here… Another risk… What if someone finds out?”  I thought of when he started talking to me.

I replayed it like a movie reel in my head for the briefest time, how he spoke. The warmth in his voice that somehow made me feel safe even though it could have been the most dangerous thing in the world. “Do you know who I am?” Such a softness, such a safeness in that smile that made me forget about stranger danger, because he wasn’t one, I knew him in a way, even though it could have been a trap and I could be very dead right now. But when he asked me to really think about how I knew him even though I had denied it. I remember looking around and not really seeing anything even though there was something I was missing.

I remembered how I had seen his presence in the final ritual of the sway before I completed the ascension. I remembered the energy but there was something I was still missing. Even when he said “I am your angel. I have broken so very many rules for you.” Even though his smile was calming and nonchalant. Then I saw it.

“There was someone else there.” I said to him out loud. Finally seeing the dark jacket and jeans, the cap that made it hard to see his face.

“Yes.” He answered, a panic rose in my chest. What had he done? He was risking everything. If that man saw Arielriele then he was exposed.

“You brought me here anyway?” I felt my breath quicken. I struggled to find the words.

“Yes I did. Do you remember the man following you?” Sort of yes but not in a way that seemed to mean much. The harder I tried the cloudier the picture.

“Not really…” I swallow but that doesn’t make me feel better, the panic is rising too high. It was clouding my thoughts.

“There was a man-” I remembered. Continue reading

The 2019 Project

Nothing to update on yet. Sadly. Maybe next update there will be more ticked off. Fingers crossed!

24/7 Goals:

  1. Write one book
  2. See a west end show
  3. Write a second book
  4. Create/keep a writing schedule that works for me
  5. Keep working on
  6. Work with an agent/publisher
  7. Complete one knitting project
  8. Complete some crafting cross stitch project
  9. Keep doing daily positive aspects
  10. Complete one minor savings goal
  11. Get Christmas wrapped up early (ie. Halloween)
  12. Learn a new song on guitar
  13. Work on the schedule and make it work for this year
  14. Do another “on the fly” project
  15. Draw or sketch something to a point that you are happy with it
  16. Learn how to do winged eyeliner freehand
  17. Win the lottery
  18. Dress up and go out for an evening
  19. Buy a Kat Von D eyeliner
  20. Read five books this year minimum
  21. Get a tattoo (either finish one or get a whole new one)
  22. Create a budget that works really well
  23. Go ice skating at least once
  24. Enjoy 2019 as much as you possibly can!

Carpe Noctem

Chapter Six: Leianna

“Wasn’t I glorious?” I see something in his eyes as he speaks. He may be beaming a kilowatt smile full of pride, but in his eyes, there is something else, like a flicker of sadness. Perhaps even there may be the tiniest vain of regret.

I suppose, that is why I couldn’t help myself from saying something. “Yet now you choose to live by the name Raxaorie and hide your past to live a sort of immortal life as an underworldling rather than live out your days praised in name as the angel who gave everything of his self to protect the childlikeness of the Adam and Eve’s, the creator of the protectors.” I can tell I have hit a sore spot. There is anger in his eyes, in that moment of darkness I can see something else. Defiance.

“You know nothing. I chose freedom. The first freedom,” I can see him trying to form the right words, “the freedom everyone is punished for, the freedom of choice.” I can see the passion in his expression now, something he cares about, in an honest way, he may have an angry furrowed brow, the boyish handsomeness might have faded. But right now, he looks simply, a man.

I couldn’t stop myself, we were sat so close, I could see the need for me to understand. I could feel him searching for some kind of understanding, that I could see his side. I just about managed to say “this is my choice” before I brought my lips to his and kissed him. I didn’t plan on it. It wasn’t how I thought kissing a demon would feel like, not that I had ever imagined that before, but he didn’t feel cold like I thought he might have. He felt warm and the world around me cold in comparison. “Did I just kiss the devil?” I asked myself aloud forgetting a whisper could be heard. Rather than show fury or anger he just laughed.

“I am not, but he was the first angel to fall.” He searched my face for a clue to my thoughts but I didn’t speak. “He lives on the further reaches of the city. Not so sociable. He tolerates me being here.” Continue reading

Author Update (April 2019)

I’ve not written at all this month, except for this. To be honest, I haven’t been feeling 100% so writing new material has been the last thing on my mind. I’ve not been feeling very well but I am hoping that will pass. I hope to get a chance to write more next month.

My birthday was lovely and I had lots of fun seeing family and friends. It’s been exhausting though, travelling when you don’t feel right takes it out of you for sure.

I think this is my most unproductive month in terms of writing so far this year. I am hoping for a bit of a change for May.

It’s not a long post today as it’s all rush right now, the procrastinating has had a knock on. I hope you are keeping well.

Nothing changes here in terms of throwing plugs in for my amazon books on my author page

May luck and adventure be on your side!