Author Update (February 2018)

2018 has been great so far… Already had a few ups and downs but that is bound to happen I am sure.

Well, safe to say its been a pretty tame-ish February, I haven’t done nearly as much writing as I did in January but I am sure that will change. Kind of fell off the writing wagon again and got distracted by all things that can be classed as procrastination.


The latest binge watching on Netflix? I am still watching Grimm which is a bit addictive but not one that I can watch late at night. Late night viewing is reserved for watching the Gilmore Girls… But with new Jane the Virgin I have been mixing it up a bit. Yup you can see how I have been hit by the procrastination fairy…

So Guitar has been so very little progress but I am learning Perfect by Ed Sheeran  which is hard, its one that I chose because it has a little sentimental value to it… I am absolutely rubbish at this one, but it is one I want to (no pun intended) get perfect.

Social life? Yep I indulged in a real one this month, probably explains the no writing thing. I got to go ice -skating. Which as fun as it is, absolutely murders your feet. Its still one of those fun things to dabble in once in a while. Makes life a little exciting.

I have been toying with some more writing ideas though… Mainly in the shower when they occur and I seem to almost never do anything about them, mainly because they are always incredibly complicated and require many rewrites. Maybe one will stick.

Nothing changes here in terms of throwing plugs in for my amazon books on my author page

May luck and adventure be on your side!


Darling Daughters

Chapter Sixteen


The next few days passed in a hectic blur. The girls both had to balance work, school work, homework and preparations for the debutante ball. Without the looming threat of Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. There never seemed to be enough hours in the day and they looked and felt exhausted.

Thursday morning saw Summer reach across her table to turn her alarm off to find a hot cup of coffee scald her fingertips instead of the alarm button. Summer jolted awake and saw the figure sat at the end of the bed, Elizabeth. Elizabeth stood and turned the alarm off silently and pointed at the kitchen.

Summer followed Elizabeth into the kitchen and her jaw dropped, before them was a beautifully restored kitchen with sparkling new appliances. Everything seemed to be a balance of the notes they had made and left on the counter top during their arguments of what it should look like. It had somehow turned into a kitchen that voiced both of them equally. Most importantly the question on both of their minds, “how the hell did this happen? When did this happen?”

Summer’s phone rang, on the other end was Stuart. He asked them how they liked the new kitchen, he had the men fit it yesterday while they were out. Summer opened the fridge door, it was full stocked for the first time. With a lot of healthy products. Elizabeth had begun to make breakfast by the time Summer came off the phone from thanking them.

Summer had a moment to herself, locked in her bedroom after breakfast scanning a document from the file that had been relegated to the box again after the arrival of their grandfathers. That file contained deeds to an apartment block, in her name. Summer examined the dates, her birthday, behind it attached with a paper clip was a letter from Archie. Archie had transferred the building in her name, and provided that the excesses and profits were deposited into the attached account with all tax, insurance and maintenance already removed. Summer found herself undecided whether to laugh or cry. Suddenly it felt like an overwhelming weight was sat on her chest. Continue reading

The Diary of Elliot Parker

.: Entry Ninety-One :.

My name is Elliot Parker; I think that it is at last happened. It has taken some time, ok a long time, but Adrian’s notifications don’t make me feel like they used to, I don’t get very excited or very nervous. It’s more an “oh its Adrian” or “oh its Adrian again” and occasionally when I am frustrated and tired I think “what does he want?” but that is very big change all the same. In honesty, I no longer hang on the messages and conversations the way I used to. I suppose that is why I have noticed an increase in the messages or calls to just “catch up and see how it is going”. It sounds stupid I know, to notice these things. But it seems the messages or calls come through when I am mostly happy and relaxed, and often when I am spending time with Dyl.

Yes, I have been spending more time with Dyl. Which sort of corresponds with the happy relaxed-ness that has been increasing steadily. I know it sounds strange, but I just like spending time with him and hanging out in his company, I don’t feel so worried about things, I just feel more in the moment and more comfortable. I guess I didn’t anticipate what it would be like to be in someone’s company who just naturally puts me at ease without trying. He shows me the things that I had been wanting. Someone willing to fantasize about a future, an ideal. So I am looking forward to that first official date.

It started as a for fun friendship. Well, something started to change and that golden rule was broken, no getting feelings. I suppose it would have been very hard to not develop feelings for him. Dyl seems to have cracked the hard outer shell. We seem to just want to spend time together. I know I tend to hope that the schedules align more than once in a week, if just to spend a few hours in each other’s company… sometimes, I catch myself watching him from the corner of my eye. It’s like we seem to be drawn to each other even at work, I can’t help but want to steal a few moments chatting and flirting.

It’s easy to get lost in sensations sometimes. The way he holds my hand and our fingers intertwine or the way he smiles when he kisses me. The hopeful idealistic chats of a future without limits.

It’s been a few weeks of getting to know each other and making that time to talk and get to know each other.

Plus, I suppose there is one thing I shouldn’t be aware of just yet that I have been told, it’s a work thing though. We get mystery spies come by and rate us at work, ok so “spies” does make it sound much cooler. Well I got 100% which is really good I just need to keep that up. I think when it comes to work I have been getting what I want more often than not. I think when this contract extension ends I would like a new contract to be issued the first Monday of the next month (yep that’s right, I want it renewed after two weeks). I seem to like manifesting positive things at work and working on how I feel positively at work. It’s like the time I spend making myself feel better about myself, my day, my life. It’s the time I use to create a lot of positive reinforcement. Sounds like I really am working on this deliberate creation thing more deliberately.

I feel like I am using the good feeling thoughts to push forward my own desires. I know that everything is responding to energy, I like knowing that. I like seeing everything working out easily for me. I like having a place that I am giving myself some set time, sometime carved out whether it is 5 minutes or more snatched in a shift into positively reinforcing my energy and confidence and alignment with the greater energy of me.

There is a fair bit of fun in just enjoying how things are going each day. I like the feel of the imminent energy of all that I desire coming into my experience. I like spending time with Dyl and I hope to see much more of him.

I’ve been a bit all over the place today, but I know there is one thing I am really happy about at the moment, spending time with Dyl. It’s a natural attraction with lots of fun and excitement in just getting to know someone who is happy in themselves more often than not.

I have another shift soon, and I know I will get to spend some more time focusing positively within. I like that I am doing well, I like doing well and feeling proud of myself and shaking off any alternative vibrations. I know in my shift today I will encounter a great deal of positivity and I will enjoy the feeling of my abundance. I think, what I might do is… buy a lotto ticket. I am feeling quit abundant in my positivity today, perhaps a lucky dip is just what I need. I can enjoy fantasizing about what possibly done with a nice lotto win on a lucky dip. I like the abundance, I like feeling of abundance I am enjoying and revelling in today. I can have fun during my shift fantasizing on the perfection of what I could be doing with the estimated 9 million. I have a few ideas but who knows what fantasy I will be having during my four hours working with ease enjoying the flow of positive, happy, exciting, fun interactions of the people flowing through my day.

Today is a great day.

There is so much potential for a great deal of fun and freedom. I know there is an abundance of fun and freedom and love and money and all my desires are flowing to me and through me with easy expectation.

Darling Daughters

Chapter Fifteen


Summer had made a large headway through the files and folders from Archie, and by Sunday morning with all of her homework complete she pulled out the next file to read. Elizabeth had started on her draw with Summer kept so busy, with no decisions made about the kitchen. The quiet of the relaxed Sunday morning was unavoidably disturbed by the doorbell ringing.

Sighing Summer put the papers back under her desk, the formal looking file abandoned. The impatience of the doorbell driving her mad. Elizabeth came to the doorway just as Summer opened the door to find both of their grandfathers, Stuart and Matthew standing in the doorway with two oversized boxes in their hands. Boxes with ridiculous bows thrust towards the girls.

Matthew strode straight into the fire marked kitchen with obvious dismay on his face. He handed them two very formal looking invitations. Stuart found obvious amusement from Elizabeth and Summer sharing looks of horror and confusion at two rather elegant invitations. Followed by the handing over of a guidebook.

Matthew explained they would be staying in the other house, a “holiday” home from home just outside of Grimestone. He told them he expected them both there at seven pm sharp on Thanksgiving with no exceptions.

The girls exchanged a look of bewilderment finally being instructed to open the boxes with the ridiculous bows on top. Summer’s jaw dropped and Elizabeth’s eyebrows seemed to be aiming to join her hairline. They hoisted the large white poufy dresses from the boxes. Summer couldn’t resist the joke on her lips in sincere hope it was just that, “are we being married off?” Elizabeth elbowed Summer and Matthew looked disappointed. Continue reading

The Diary of Elliot Parker Catch Up Time

Here is a brief summery of books one, two and three, but I highly recommend flying over to my amazon author page to get the first three books to be reaquainted properly for the next installments (Saturdays for the foreseeable future) for The Diary of Elliot Parker…



So, has recently had the feature called The Diary of Elliot Parker. This feature is about to restart and launch into the next part of Elliot Parker’s story.

Well here we go for a little recap to catch us all up. I hope that I get this all sort of right, this is a good way for me to test my own memory.

So… Elliot has a friend called Clover. Elliot liked a boy called Stan. Clover started talking to Stan and pursuing him. Clover then dated Stan. (Not the first time Clover has gone after someone that Elliot liked.)

Elliot has strange dreams where it’s supposed to be a safe place, only accessible to Elliot but that is so not the case. A stranger has access to the room of the dream.

Elliot is still very aware that there is an unconditional love for he who shall not be named aka the ex-boyfriend Adrian Ferisle. Sad huh? Adrian is naturally a difficult relationship: friends or otherwise. He knows how to get under Elliot’s skin to cause a lot of anger and hurt- intentionally or not.

Therefore, Elliot knows the tricky situation with the love life cannot last. After struggling to move on for so long Elliot has developed a crush/feelings for a friend, Jonas. Which is a bit of a difficult situation because you never know if or when it would ever be safe to confess something like that to a friend, especially someone that is inspirational. Especially when you have remained in denial for months and months.

Elliot’s strange dreams that seem to be hackable are able to push into a dream in a dream, where Elliot becomes the stowaway girl on a pirate ship under attack and finds a plan to save captain and crew.

Clover and Elliot have a falling out. Elliot remains silent in the matter hoping to work things out but Clover has other ideas. When Elliot decides to put Elliot first and draw a line Clover reacts badly and while Elliot remains silent on the matter Clover goes out of her way to run Elliot’s name through the mud assuming that Elliot will not know or find out. Which sucks. And Elliot knows. Elliot knows everything…

Except… That the dream hacker is actually the ex- Adrian Ferisle not the person he claimed to be, Adrian Kraig, which was incidentally his mother’s maiden name. But still… How uncool, he created the dream world that Elliot enjoys visiting so that he could talk openly and honestly without getting his own way- like he does in the real world.

So that is everything in short. Please check out the link to buy The Diary of Elliot Parker as a whole… A great way to catch up.


Clover and Elliot finally find a way to bridge the gap and the anger. But that doesn’t clear up Elliot’s own confusion, since her dream hacker revealed himself as her ex she’s felt more confused by their friendship or whatever they are. Things just seem incredibly complicated. She followed an impulse and put on a rune ring. Soon after she began to discover astral travel, intentional astral travel.

Somehow Elliot ends up tapping into Adrian’s dreams trying to get a clearer understanding but this only leaves her more confused. She struggles to navigate and chooses to run in a different way and resumes her dreams of being the stowaway girl, even if things aren’t perfect.

Adrian begins to change and Elliot is noticing, and appreciating the change more and more. But he is not the only one changing Elliot is noticing the change in herself as she begins to stumble into her own clarity.

But its two steps forward one step back when Elliot and Adrian meet up one evening. Things get a little, misinterpreted, which leads to Elliot being hard on herself before she stops wallowing in the funk. But they both are feeling that mid-life crisis when they keep denying to themselves and or one another what they really want. Things go from awkward and distant to worse when Adrian finally finds out how Elliot was feeling, from someone else, Clover. This time however, Elliot was standing up for her damn self and not bending to old habits and behaviours to calm the situation. That means a lot of awkward for a long while.

Elliot began putting herself first again and people were noticing. Elliot allows herself more escapism in her dreaming, heading to the stowaway life again. By allowing herself to be someone else the change is substantial and keeps on growing.

Elliot even puts a second chance on the table. She is taking risks and feeling braver. Even when she manifests a whole bunch of crazy and comes to terms with not feeling ready to start a memoir. She escapes back into the stowaway dreams, but finds the spirit dreams with Adrian are still pulling her in. In his own way, he tells her not to give up.

She takes another risk without any agenda or hope of an outcome and tells Adrian the truth, that she loves him unconditionally.


Elliot takes more risks with no reward with Adrian. Her feelings for him change and become less significant than they have ever been and her focus is changing in big ways.

Her visits to the dream worlds are less frequent and significant as her life begins to change more and more, who she is, is changing.

Elliot is becoming a newer person and it is confusing her exactly who she wants to be… Elliot is making tougher choices and silly mistakes.

Elliot’s relationship with Clover really begins to suffer as Elliot changes and decides who she wants to be and what she wants in her life. There are some big clashes as Elliot is really holding Clover accountable for some incidents in the past and the present. Elliot knows how she wants to be treated and that isn’t going to change any time soon. Fact or fiction she has some evolving going on.

Elliot’s life is changing with a new job, her confidence is growing and that has a far reaching impact. She begins to separate herself from what was once what she wanted and begins to enjoy a new freedom. This new job opens the door to a new future, a happier person is beginning to emerge from all this confusing, overwhelming change Elliot has been experiencing.


Elliot is starting to really move on the more she begins to focus on herself. Elliot is changing and Clover doesn’t always agree with her sticking up for herself anymore. There is a huge change in Elliot in terms of her future and her mood. With new guy Dylan taking some attention Clover begins to destroy the relationship she has with Elliot. There is a lot of upheaval and not all of it will be for the better.

Darling Daughters

Chapter Fourteen


Grimestone had become incredibly cold as Thanksgiving approached. The bitter air had encouraged the old woollens to be pulled from musty bags and boxes to be given another life.

The kitchen was still fire damaged, with Elizabeth and Summer furiously debating the colour schemes that should be used it didn’t seem likely to change in the near future. Elizabeth was becoming quite frantic wanting to make Summer’s first Thanksgiving was truly special. Summer couldn’t see what the fuss was about.

The most that Summer was willing to plan was her Saturday evening. Summer would be meeting up with Zach after work, although she was on the late shift. That didn’t stop Zach squeezing in spending a bit more time with her by choosing a stool by the counter register to steal the odd snippet of conversation when she had a moment. Which wasn’t as often as he would have liked.

By the end of her shift, and by the end of the date Summer was exhausted when Zach walked her home. Summer tensed as they reached the porch, only for a moment, just before his lips met hers and she melted a little in his kiss goodnight. Snapped wide awake by Elizabeth who opened the door in the moment, like an ice cold bucket had been thrown on them they jumped apart. He bid them both a good night and disappeared.

Elizabeth asked Summer how her evening went, the one-word response of “good” didn’t cut it.

“Summer, do you remember I said I wanted to talk to you about something?”

“Yes… What?” Continue reading

The 2018 Project

So what have I managed to achieve this month… Well I suppose I gave started number 8 to work on completing one of the tattoos. Other than that, it is no where near completing any of those goals just yet but I am starting work on number 2 and 4 as well.

24/7 Goals:

  1. Do Nanowrimo
  2. Write The Diary of Elliot Parker (4)
  3. Draft up book 2 of The Big Project
  4. Re-edit book 1 of The Big Project
  5. Edit book 2 of The Big Project
  6. Learn to drive
  7. See a West End show
  8. Complete at least one of the tattoos
  9. Improve on last year’s site views
  10. Keep learning guitar
  11. Create and keep a manageable writing schedule
  12. Look for/find an agent for The Big Project
  13. Finish the cable knit jumper
  14. Start and finish a cross stitch project
  15. Win the lotto jackpot
  16. Keep growing hair out
  17. Keep doing daily positive aspects
  18. Complete at least one minor savings goal
  19. Have Christmas wrapped up before October 31st
  20. Read around 12 books at least over the year for fun…
  21. Be more time efficient, come up with a better schedule.
  22. Fit into the blue dress again and go somewhere to celebrate it
  23. Begin writing the next big project for the site
  24. Enjoy 2018 as much as possible, be happy at every chance!!!!

Darling Daughters

Chapter Thirteen


It had been a couple of weeks since the British day and the exploding kitchen, both girls had withdrawn a bit from the town. They were buried in takeaways, homework and working their shifts. They had withdrawn a bit from one another. Their free time had dwindled. Summer seemed to have withdrawn into going through her files from Archie, stories of her family. Elizabeth buried herself in sugar craft guides.

A fairly important document, one of many, was within days of being read, one that would have a potentially huge impact on her life. With this document on the horizon, without her knowing Summer stopped reading the file for the evening. Summer fixed her hair and put a little gloss on her lips before checking herself in the mirror again.

She mindlessly ran her hand through the key bowl and found one much like her dresser draw key, with an “E” Scratched into the surface. Summer left the key on the top of the post-it pile for Elizabeth before she walked out the door.

Summer walked towards the gazebo trying to steady her nerves. There sat on the bench that she had sat on with Zach on British day sat Zach all by himself doing homework. She smiled walking over to him, behind him by a few steps she called out, “the answer is always pie.”

He looked up slowly, thoroughly confused, she smiled warmly at him. “Well, ok not always pie, because sometimes the answer is cake, or chocolate or-” he had stood up and kissed her lightly on the lips causing a jolt of electricity to spark through her nerves. She smiled as he pulled away, he put his work away into a bag.

“Friday night. I am off work, Ellie and I are doing a Potter marathon, did you maybe want to join us?” Summer’s cheeks were crimson, even when he agreed and set the time. Summer still blushed all the way to work.


Friday’s lessons seemed to drag by slowly taking a ridiculous amount of time to get through the day. Cassandra seemed so much more aggressive than her usual self, especially when Maggy kept pushing Cassandra’s buttons under the noise of the class. Maggy was taking a risk poking that bear.

Summer had taken notice of Maggy, her game playing to be exact, and her façade. It had to be said, she was a very sly flirt, especially around the slightly more attractive male species.

Cassandra was simple, competitive and she was competing with Summer directly. Maggy, she was playing a different game, winning the teachers over with her tactile smiles.

By the time the bell rang for the end of the day Summer was itching to reach town to go and get as much junk food as she could carry. Cassandra stood in Summer’s way in the hallway, “you won’t win, you know that right? I will be the valedictorian, I will get into Harvard, Yale and Darling and you won’t stop me.”

Summer walked past her, bumping shoulders as she rolled her eyes. She had better things to do than to listen to the ravings of a lunatic. Even though it was clear Summer’s wish wouldn’t be coming true any time soon, Cassandra had no intention of leaving her alone.


Summer was on edge of her seat waiting with Elizabeth as they laid out the snacks, the sweets and the take out. Summer was anxious, he seemed a little late. Summer jumped out of her skin when the doorbell finally rang.

Zach walked in awkwardly when Elizabeth made the joke that as long as he didn’t give Summer’s period a reason to be late it was fine. Summer glowered and glowed red when she hissed at Elizabeth to shut up.

They sat down and the movies began, and so did the munching of food. Elizabeth started to doze off during the second movie and started to snore quietly. Summer got up and pulled some blankets over Elizabeth.

Summer returned to her seat beside Zach, who rather gently put his arm around her. Still facing the screen, they smiled wondering who would cave first. Summer took initiative and took his other hand in hers as they sat watching the movie she leaned into him a little more until her head rested on his shoulder.

Eventually they were dozing through the credits curled up next to one another.


Author Update (January 2018)

Welcome to 2018… It seems I forgot to do my author update in December, which I am sure is understandable given how chaotic the holiday season is.

Safe to say, Christmas went well. Not much news on that front. I didn’t manage to write anything at all in December. I spent a fair bit of time at work and if I wasn’t there I annoyed the living daylights out of Boo. Things have been going well though.

The New Year was awesome though. The second day of the New Year I got a new tattoo (another magpie but in lace) which is on my Instagram if anyone was that interested. That was painful but it was worth it, it has been healing really well. The other news? I have given myself weekly writing targets to try to get more organised and on tract. So hopefully the work I do this year will be a hundred times better.


The latest binge watching on Netflix? I started watching Grimm which is a bit addictive but not one that I can watch late at night. Late night viewing is reserved for watching the Gilmore Girls

So Guitar has been so very little progress but I am learning Fix a Heart by Demi Lovato  which is another one of those must work on my timing and changes types of songs.

Nothing changes here in terms of throwing plugs in for my amazon books on my author page

May luck and adventure be on your side!

ARA xxx

Darling Daughters

Chapter Twelve


With a few phone calls made to remove the smouldering carcasses of the machines the fire crew left. With an appreciative Summer and Elizabeth, who couldn’t believe their luck; good or bad.

Summer suddenly felt hungrier than ever. She felt appreciation for their remaining machines, the microwave and kettle. The two that hadn’t betrayed them. Elizabeth stared in disbelief still, Summer went and got their bags from the hall, “the Diner” they managed to share the idea at the same moment. they pulled their coats on headed off to the Diner.

The news of the fire seemed to have spread like wildfire ahead of them, they were stopped every few moments to ask how they were doing. Wildfire probably would have spread slower to be fair.

Arriving at Simon’s they were ushered in. Summer strode over to her favourite table, where she would usually have her books out to study. Not quite a real table, but a shelf with the spare stools tucked underneath. They could have their back to the diner and relax.

Simon seemed attentive for his standards, asked with concern for them and seemed rather impressed at Summer’s flame taming skills.

With a bit of food in them they finally managed to laugh about their suicidal appliances. While this was Summer’s evening off, she still spent the time in the Diner.

Summer began to talk about her afternoon before the implosions. Elizabeth listened to Summer talk about the draw and what she found inside. The thoughts of the talk slipped Elizabeth’s mind and Summer was in no mood to remind her. She was just happy for a lucky escape.

The next few days were spent eating out at the Diner but that didn’t stop Summer from spending stolen free moments going through the files. She had discovered strange stories from Archie that left her smiling. Funny stories about things he had seen, family dinners, just odd little things that made him that much more real.

Elizabeth didn’t share the same curiosity around her draw just yet. She had buried herself in learning new skills, trying to practice new things with Caroline after the bakery was cleaned and tidied, they practiced new ideas after her shift.