Darling Daughters

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For those of you wanting to get your hands on the ending… here is the pre-order link for Darling Daughters! Releasing 22nd August 2018


Darling Daughters

Chapter Forty-Two


Summer had been avoiding Elizabeth a little bit, Summer had been avoiding everyone. So when she snuck into Grimeston for this year’s winter festival, Cassandra gave her away a bit. She headed straight towards the bakery’s stall for a dose of sugar. Cassandra had fallen in love with Grimeston and its sugary bakery treats that Summer would return to campus with. Cassandra had even found a genuine love for the town.

Summer had agreed to cook the Christmas dinner as long as she had nothing to do with decorating and so on. It hadn’t escaped Simon’s notice when he saw Summer with Cassandra at the bakery stall that she hadn’t brought William with her. He hadn’t returned her call or text so she left things with radio silence.

Summer helped out on the bakery stall while Cassandra walked around the festival, she was quieter than usual. Her smile was half warm when she first arrived to help out. By the end of the evening she had taken on the warm hum of the town, even if a small dark cloud rained over her.


Christmas day was hectic, messy, and wonderful. The odd awkward moment. Summer had ignored her phone all day leaving it on her bed at the sixth missed call. She spent most of the day fussing in the kitchen. Cassandra did her best to help, though Simon kept trying to interfere. It was refreshing to finally find something that Cassandra was rubbish at.

Summer had been ignoring her mother’s calls and texts all day, she had been ignoring her since Thanksgiving not wanting anything to do with the sense of betrayal she felt. The one text made her pause, it was from William, Summer was in no mood to read it. It seemed a bit insufficient “sorry hun, been busy, what’s up?”


New year had brought the town back into a celebratory mood which had even touched Summer. Cassandra answered Summer’s phone when she was in the shower, it was William, Cassandra had seen enough of Summer moping and told him where they would be for the celebrations. “You better not mess her around again.” In her perfect matter of fact tone that could change the world.

Cassandra put the phone back on the bedside unit and sat nonchalantly on the bed when Summer entered. They got ready for the town’s open party finally building enough layers that kept them warm and looked cute. The plan was to enjoy the bonfire. Which reflected light in all directions, the Christmas decorations, and the gazebo filled with sparkling edible bats and ghosts thanks to Summer and Elizabeth. It infuriated Thomas but the town loved it.

A few minutes to midnight and Elizabeth and Simon had walked off to get hot chocolate talking about the tradition of the midnight kiss. Cassandra had even found herself chatting with Zach, each holding a steaming cup of mulled wine. Summer stood watching the fire when a familiar voice appeared behind her. William was there. Her heart leapt for a moment before she remembered how mad at him she was. She turned and walked towards the manner abandoning the warmth of the bonfire.

“Summer stop! Wait!”

“Why?” Summer hadn’t stopped she carried on walking but her voice carried over her shoulder.

He grabbed her by the wrist, she spun around and tried to wrench herself free. “Stop it, I won’t hurt you.”

“Do you not think maybe you had already?”

“Summer…” he released her wrist, “I didn’t mean it, when I said we should get some space, I didn’t… I thought it was what you wanted, what you needed.”

“I needed you to be there.”

“I wanted to be.” Summer shook her head and turned again, “please Summer. Don’t walk away.”

“Like you did you mean?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Me too.” she carried on walking towards the manner. This time he ran after her and came to a slipping stop in front of her.

“Summer” the crowd began the countdown he looked over her shoulder for a second, “Summer I love you.” The crowd reached the end of the countdown and began to shout “Happy New Year” and he kissed her. she fought him away for a moment, still processing what he had just said. When the kiss ended she didn’t want it to stop.

Pulling away again Summer spoke at last, “happy New Year, you jerk.”

“Ouch, happy New Year to you too. Do you want to maybe, go get some hot chocolate and watch the rest of the fireworks?”

“Fine… Yeah, let’s go.” Summer took a deep breath when he took her hand, she still felt unsteady, from her chest radiating from her body. She just felt weak in that moment. “You love me? Did you mean that or…?”

“I mean it; you were right I was acting like a jerk. But so were you.”

“I know, I apologised.”

“I know you did, I just I kept acting like a jerk because it was easier.”

“Easier than what?… Easier than admitting it hurt?”


“Let’s skip the hot chocolate, let’s go back to the manner, I have a bottle of whiskey we can share.”

“You are definitely the girl who stole my heart.”

“Calm down, it’s just a glass of whiskey.” Her smile turned into that cheeky grin and she sighed as she walked a little way ahead enjoying that moment of feeling in that flirty mood.



For those of you wanting to get your hands on the ending… here is the pre-order link for Darling Daughters! Releasing 22nd August 2018

Darling Daughters

Chapter Forty-One


Summer and William were a picture of domestic bliss in the kitchen. Summer had been talked into cooking Thanksgiving dinner thanks to Elizabeth who had disappeared into her room to read the last few pages of Archie’s transcript.

Elizabeth was sat on her bed, reading the last words of a letter on the very last page, addressed to her and Summer, the tears landing on the page. Summer knocked on the door to see if she would mind giving a hand, she hadn’t anticipated finding Elizabeth in tears. She took the page Elizabeth had thrust towards her.

Summer read it aloud. “This story, it was never a story, not really. This is the story of your parents. Everyone had kept the truth hidden from you both. I have never agreed with this. This is the honesty that you both deserved. You are certainly not cousins, you are sisters.” Summer’s voice faded as she read the rest of the letter that explained that their parents had engaged in an affair that spread years, up to the point of their father’s death.

“Now I know why mom hated me.”

“Oh Ellie.”

“It was me, it was me the reason they were fighting the day of the crash, it was my fault.”

“It was never your fault. They were full grown adults; they were responsible for their actions. You were a child, you never asked for what happened.”

“It explains why your mom is the way she is.”

“I don’t think so; I suspect she was just born the way she is. The worst part, I don’t even feel surprised that she did that. Nothing she does surprises me anymore.”

“We sure lucked out huh?”

“At least… well… at least we know the truth.” Summer struggled to find the words, she felt herself desperately reaching to be able to say something to make it feel better but that was all that she could come up with.

“Some truth…. I know we’ve joked about being like sisters, but being sisters, this is just weird. They had to hide it, I get that, I mean the stigma and that can’t have been easy. Once is a mistake, but twice. No offence.” Continue reading

Darling Daughters

Chapter Forty


Summer, even though she doubted his sincerity fulfilled her side of the bargain by getting ready for the date. She felt stupid waiting for seven pm to arrive. She had convinced herself he wouldn’t follow through. She left her bedroom door open and started working on an assignment.

At five past seven summer heard a knock at her bedroom door. Summer was deep in studying, highlighter pens littered her desk.

“You’re here” her surprise was unmistakable.

William clasped his hand to his chest, “why does the beauty hurt me so?”

“Sorry I will just be a moment.”

“You didn’t think I would come?”

“I’m dressed aren’t I?”

“Was that optional?”

“Shut up. Where are we going?” William lead her out of her room, she pulled her bag over her shoulder as he guided her out of the dorms. From the dorms they left campus off to one of the nearby fields where he helped her up onto an abandoned pickup truck. The floor of it was covered in blankets and there was an over flowing picnic basket.

“So you take all the girls on this date.” Continue reading

Darling Daughters

Chapter Thirty-Nine


By the time Summer received a knock on her dorm door, she knew she was under inspection. Just as she had expected. Elizabeth had been sending streams of messages to Summer to tell her of the tones they had used and their mood.

Summer’s inspection come interrogation had taken an hour and a half, it would be safe to say no stone was left unturned.

Summer was left with a list of strict instructions; one was underlined repeatedly for tonight’s party at the other Darling house. They wanted her to make a True Effort with her appearance and demeanour tonight. The “black tie non optional” instruction had her repress a sigh in their company. Before they departed to go and finish up their preparations.

Both Elizabeth and Summer had been ordered to arrive at eight thirty precisely. They stood beside one another in front of the tall front doors looming over them. They imagined the doors swallowing them whole when they knocked, being invited and welcomed in was an experience every time.

It quickly became apparent that there was an abundance of gentlemen in the room and very few women. From what they could see it was a struggle to find any women in the sea of suited men standing about the house.

Summer and Elizabeth found themselves swallowed by the tide, the guiding hands of their respective grandfather’s leading them around. Introduced to one eligible bachelor to another. Elizabeth and Summer felt their smiles exhausting their cheeks as they remained polite.

It took Elizabeth less than an hour before she her temper was hot under her collar. She made an excuse, about work, and left. Leaving Summer to contend with the consistent parade of eligible though dull bachelors.

Summer excused herself into the garden for some fresh air. Finding her own temper and boredom beginning to rise she just needed to escape. Even for a short while.

Standing the garden, she enjoyed a deep breath of the cool autumn air.

“Excuse me, your grandfather suggested I keep you company.”

“Did he now?” The voice continued to talk to her despite her dismay. He began to talk about the stock market and Summer felt her eyes begin to glaze over. Her shoulders relaxed. The world began to pass by that bit slower. She began trying to search for an escape, knowing it would be futile.

She felt a warm arm reach up around her shoulder and pull her towards its owner, who planted a kiss on her cheek. She turned to find William, she hesitated the agitated response running through her mind and just went with it.

“Hey, thanks for keeping my girl occupied for me, I’m sorry I’m late Darling, got waylaid by a spectacle.” He planted another kiss on her cheek. The man who had been talking to no end about the stock exchange took the brush reasonably well, before shrugging his shoulders.

Summer turned to William and gave him a genuine hug. “Thank you, I think I aged a few years.”

“You’re welcome, but we should discuss recompense.”

“Pardon?” Summer’s eyebrows darted into her forehead.

“For your rescue, it’s going to cost you.”


“A date.” Summer laughed but he continued, “I mean it, one date, that was a damn fine rescue from your obvious predicament.”

Summer relented, “one date? That’s all I am agreeing to?”

“One date.”

“Fine, sure ok. I can handle that.”

“I wouldn’t count on it, I aim to woo you and win your heart.”

“I gotta have one to win first.” Summer challenged.

“Ouch… cold, but I know you have one, it’s a good heart I can tell.” He grinned.

“Don’t be so sure.”

“I am sure.”

“As you wish.” She smiled and turned to leave.

“Summer, just so you know, they are all jerks you know.”


“The guys who came up with the competition.”

Summer rolled her eyes. “You don’t want to be a campus legend then?”

“God no, I already am one, maybe you will be the campus legend who tames me.”

“You are already tame.”

“I’m not, I still bite, sometimes.” Summer rolled her eyes and walked back into the house.


Elizabeth walked into Grimeston town centre and strode into the almost empty diner, a couple were leaving as she arrived. She turned the sign on the door to closed. Not wanting any interruptions right now. Simon asked her what she was doing here.

Elizabeth began to tell him all about the grandparent inspection, and then she brought up the party she had abandoned Summer at. “It was horrendous, they had set up an event full of men that were dull and there was one huge massive flaw with all of them.”

“What was that?”

“None of them were you.”


“I mean it, tonight has taught me that there is only one man I want.”

Simon’s brow furrowed, Elizabeth walked around the counter until she was so close to him their bodies were almost touching. “You.” She kissed him gently, pulling him to her.

When they broke apart they stood smiling from ear to ear.

“Another date?” Simon asked.

“Another date makes…”

“Makes us exclusive”

“It does, does it?”

“If you want.”

“Oh I want…” Elizabeth pulled him into another long kiss.



For those of you wanting to get your hands on the ending… here is the pre-order link for Darling Daughters! Releasing 22nd August 2018