Coryburn Girls Secrets (5)

All girls have their secrets, here’s some just for you.

Why choose the bad side?

Well that is simple. Because it was fun. Yep you read that right because it was fun.

Choosing the bad side perspective for once gave me a chance to try something new and different. To write with an almost predatory perspective instead of the prey.

With it I could explore the world in a different manner completely. I could walk as a character that doesn’t carry guilt and remorse or even conscience as  a burden. It was strange at first, but it seemed to become easier to write but harder to want to see more into the darkness of their world, the cause and effect of their actions and motivations and therefore their emotional responses were very different from my own.

As a whole the journey became harder, it was certainly exhilarating but I would happily look at the less then average world about me now with a sense, of “thank God I don’t allow myself to be that person”. I think that the darkness of the alter ego came as a hugely personal challenge that has enabled me to question my own choices that much harder.

Whats on your mind?

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