The Big Project

It’s not the cleverest name I know, but it is the easiest. I have been mentioning this project rather frequently, so I thought perhaps I might divulge a few secrets.

So is there a magic one liner? In short, yes.

The past, present and future collide in a battle of revenge and survival.

The Big Project– it is something that I have been planning for years. For far too long it feels and yet, I can’t seem to abandon the story, but it develops, whether or not I am writing the story or writing another, the ideas flow. It does have a few other nicknames to me, “The Mountain”, “Nine”, “One of Nine”, “The Complicated Thingy”, “Trip Over My Tongue Project”. Often when someone asks me to explain the project I find myself horrendously tongue tied and I can’t work out how to start. I literally look like a rabbit in the headlights… I find myself jumping through all these avenues in the story and I just freak out. By the way, the story, it’s definitely not really called “The Big Project” but that is it’s nickname while I am writing.

It will be a project that I will be seeking an agent/publisher for.

It is a story that I really believe in. It has haunted me day and night for so long now, it is definitely a story that I have to tell. I feel like this story is the one that I have spent years honing my style and what I want to be able to do and accomplish with my work. It has been the thing I have been working towards for a very long time. I wanted to be the right person to write the story. I know that sounds weird. I feel like that the planning of the story happened while I was still growing as a writer and a person. Now I feel ready to write it. It has come to be time to take it off of the back burner and bring it forward to be my life’s work, passion and pride. I am ready for the story and the challenges. I am excited by it and I know that this is really the story I should be writing. I have a vision for this story, what it should and will be.

So what can be expected?

Well… a clue in the nicknames, “Nine”. There will be nine books in the series. All linked, all intertwining in some ways. I have the series title and the individual book titles picked out. They are my little secret for now.


What can be expected in the series?

Well, where to begin? Ok, so, there are a few main or core characters. It is those few characters that we follow of the story of; they are going to be seeing the influence of choices they made in the past lives and how they affect who they are as a people now. The characters are bound, somewhat against their will to one another across their lives. But, breaking that bond will be harder than it seems, their lives are bound for a reason but, will they be repeating past mistakes by believing old enemies are still enemies, and old friends are still loyal? Will they keep making the same mistakes? The characters rarely see the forest for the trees.

There will be love, loss, heartbreak, anger, revenge, forgiveness, chaos… and most importantly… change.

This story at times has a mind of its own as I write it, so it will be full of surprises, even for me.

A diary?

I think I will try my best to keep a writing diary for this project, there have been times where the contents has brought me to tears and even the sweetest joy. I am not sure how often writer’s keep diaries as they write the stories they have to write. But this might be a great opportunity for me to understand the processes that happen as I write, the emotions that bite at me and what surprises me about the process each time. Maybe I will leak the diary a little on here in time… Until then, I better get back to doing some kind of writing.