Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-Six

Chapter Twenty-Six “Shoot the messengers”


Willow raced back to the house and up towards her parent’s bedroom. The house empty she threw open the trunk at the foot of the bed, she rummaged through the bed sheets to find a book. She flicked through potion notes, charms and so on making her own notes to plot her trap. Closing the book she replaced it and made her way off into the locked room moving the lock with a click of the wrist she re-locked the door as she made her way further into the room filled with shelves of jars and set to work.


“My lord, I trust that you have heard the rumours?” Hunter’s eyebrow raised letting Gray continue. “There has been a ripple, a rumour of your weakness at the hands of the girl. She has hunted us as sport and you let her continue. They are starting to wonder if their loyalty has been misplaced my lord.”

“They are or you are?”
“My lord, I serve only you, she is hunting us all in her quest to find… well, to find you.”
“She won’t find me, will she? Gray?”
“No, my lord.”
Willow had summoned yet another Colter the sixth so far, she still hadn’t grabbed Gray’s attention. The message wasn’t being received. By the ninth vanquish she heard a key in the front door. With a few flicks of the hand she had tidied everything away quickly. Readjusting her t-shirt as she raced downstairs smiling as Hunter walked in. “So what have you been up to today?”
“Oh you know, the usual a little clear out, practically done in two shakes of a lambs tail” she smiled, “so what about you?”
“Oh you know, the usual” they smiled and went to make a start on dinner.

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Author Updates (June 16)


Hope all of you are doing well. I know, I know I am naughty this should have gone out yesterday… But I went out :O I know!


Well… Whats been happening this month?

I’ve been procrastinating even more. I have a lot to do, the worst part is I don’t know how or when I will get it done.

I have managed to start doing some degree of editing/writing this month, not as much as I would like but it is all slow progress. A change in postcode has meant settling in has been the main priority.

I’ve almost learned my first song on guitar, I chose to learn “Nightingale” by Demi Lovato. I thought it would be nice and easy… Turns out my fingers don’t agree… I am learning though.

I have to say, the highlight of this month? No it wasn’t the food festival, it was seeing my bestie Harry and his mum. It was great to hang out with fellow writers and bounce ideas about improving the work and the ideas around writing. It created a good degree of momentum for knowing what I want to do.

We went to this place called Dotty’s Tearoom. MY gosh it was cute! And I felt like a lady, which for me, we all know isn’t the traditional association for me.

I am still developing a massive idea that has plagued me the last 6 years. I thought I had reached the point where I felt ready to write the first segment of the story… oh boy was I wrong. The overall arch has grown, I feel like I have plotted a drop in the ocean. Yup, that is exactly how it feels.

Oh I’ve also been working on some lyrics.

Been chatting to a few awesome people, having a little social life as I adjust.

Sadly not finished any knitting projects recently. Maybe in time.

Trying to find a way to be effective and proactive and not at all procrastinate from writing.

Oh I brought two new books I have promised myself I am allowed to read only if I finish editing the current thing on my edit tray. I should really work on splitting that reward into two so that I get even more motivation to pursue the next idea I have for here. I’m getting there though. However slowly.

But it is getting better.

I apologies for the late release of this months author update.

May luck and adventure be on your side!

ARA xxx

Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-Five Cheeky Extras

Enchanted woods

Magic is everywhere, especially here. Very little is what it seems, hedges grown like walls are like wisps of air. Full of magical creatures, portals and markets. You never really can tell where you are going.

If you run to escape and get out of the woods you end up running further and further inside it, it’s a trap for mortal men, but magical beings seem to navigate it much better.

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Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-Five

Chapter Twenty-Five “In the ruins”


Willow stood on the edge of a dense woodland staring into the darkness. Patches of sunlight littering the ground, stood in her way was a Colter demon attempting to block her path. It only took moments for Willow to vanquish it. She started heading into the trees following the pull through the darkness.

Willow slipped past creeping ivy covered trees, thorny bushes and fallen logs. Her sense of unease grew the tighter the gaps between the trees shrunk away. In a tiny clearing she came across a web of ivy blocking her path, impatient she blasted it away. “You shouldn’t have done that” Willow whipped around to see an ivy demon standing behind her. The demon had pulled creeping ivy through ground as it began wrapping itself around Willows feet. Willow started firing at the demon moving at speed around her. Finally Willow hit her and the demon burst into bright pink flames. Willow broke free of the ivy, turned and ran through the trees leaping over stumps.

Willow hit another clearing, in front of her stood a ruined mansion. Willow edged forward, shadows moved where the glass used to be in the frames. Willow walked up into the doorway struggling to push against the heavy door. Creeping through the entrance her eyes strained by the decaying building. Willow stepped forward onto a creaking board immediately she was surrounded by tall women with graying skin and lavender hair their clawed hands out stretched.
“Wait no, I need to talk… I need to know!” A banshee opened its mouth beginning to scream, automatically she vanquished it the others flinched. “None of that.”

They nodded their understanding. “I need to know who this was stolen for” they feigned ignorance at the presented talisman until she threatened another vanquish.

“Wait” a raspy voice sounded, “you must seek one whose minions loyally serve.”

“Explain” Willow caught sight of the banshee lurking in the corner of her eye advancing, watching her. The banshee that spoke remained silenced. Willow vanquished its advancing comrade “Fine, your trail continues with a Colter follow the trail back but beware, more danger then you will dare to dream lies ahead, understand this, you didn’t hear it from us.” Willow saw them beginning to circle once more like hyenas they had started to relax their jaws, Willow shimmered away to avoid their sudden pounce landing back into the forest. “Gray.”

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Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-Four Cheeky Extras


Demons live here. It is a magical space under the crust of the earth, a bit warm and sticky in weather. It is a labyrinth of caves, tunnels and chambers. Only the best, strongest demons have the best chambers and quarters. There’s a prison somewhere too.

Some portions are made torturous and often have mortals accidentally wondering into them; this can turn the mortal into whatever demon is the first to find them or turn them into a snack or target practice for the evil magic in the chambers.

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Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-Four

Chapter Twenty-Four “Grandfather Dearest”


Willow found her way down a winding path through the rubble and dips through the underworld following the magpie on her talisman. The tunnel became narrower and shorter until she came out into a chamber filled with hundreds of demons, each wearing a talisman like hers, each with a different creature upon it. Some with larger talismans up to the size of a palm others with smaller then a thumbnail.

Willow had gone through unnoticed even as she walked through into another much grander chamber. In the centre of the chamber was a throne. Willow started to approach, there in the chair sat a man, his talisman slightly bigger then his palm, on it was a magpie like hers, only his was encrusted in black and white diamonds glistening in the eerie light. He jumped from his seat upon seeing her pendant and approached her.

“Why do you have the pendant, I know it’s not yours” seconds later all of the demons in the chamber had turned to watch. “It was my fathers.”
Willow swallowed, “he died” the demons face fell. “Then that makes you an heir, my granddaughter I suppose, we must talk” He pulled her away from the whispering crowd. Willow explained all that had happened and showed him the talisman she had found. “I know that talisman, its fury made. It was made for the son of all that is evil, before it was perfected a banshee stole it for a demon. He had wanted to covet it too badly, you can see it’s ever so slightly unfinished. The intended had no patience to wait for another so he sent a demon to find it. After that it was said to be lost. But you are on the right trail.” Willow sighed in frustration.

“Willow, join us, take your place beside me on the throne, you’re family, we can rule together, what do you say? Make an old demon very happy.” Willow felt tempted by his argument “I can’t I am sorry, I have to find out who did this. I am sorry.”
“Once he is found, come back, we can rule the underworld together.”
Willow nodded before leaving conflicted she made her way back through the tunnels before she could shimmer back to an empty house.


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Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-Three Cheeky Extras


A mid- upper level demon.

These ugly douche bags use wind based powers. They love to create typhoons, tornados, storms and gales. If enough team up the level of hurricanes they produce can be astronomical.

They are few and far between as a species however.


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Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-Three

Chapter Twenty-Three “Hornets Nest”


Willow had been following the tycoon leader who had imprisoned her before her parents came to her rescue. Finally catching up she pinned it down in the darkness of the caves he had lead her down loosing her sense of direction.

Finally, it cracked in weakness “the one who ordered the hit wore a talisman like yours” she pressured it for more answers but got no further. She released it and turned to leave, instinctively she threw a fire ball over her shoulder at the demon readying his attack. He burst into familiar flames screaming out. Moments later the air was thick with blood thirsty demons.

Hunter had been with the rest of the swarm that now stood to attack Willow, realising he wouldn’t get the chance to silence the fraction the leader himself. He was obviously surprised when he shimmered in after the demons to see Willow battling on all fronts. Quickly he pushed past and got to Willow getting to duck quickly, the crowd of demons thinned only a few foolish rebels remained for Willow to vanquish. She passed out on the cold cave floor. Hunter lifted her and shimmered back to the house.

Willows eyes opened to find herself under the intense gaze of Hunter yet again. His eyes filled with concern. He explained what happened. “I’m fine just a bit run down is all, its been exhausting and what with my sensitive tummy I am sure its nothing to worry about, its probably just the change in weather that’s all” Willows attempts to placate him had worked he bought her lie.


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Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-Two Cheeky Extras


High-upper level demon.

He is a possessor.

He was vanquished thousands of years ago and became a Marfa. His Marfa was guided to a specific host Ollie, Ollie was rescued but Gray never let go of the betrayal. He is scheming to take over the throne, however possible.

Gray causes a lot of trouble by possessing his victims often turning them evil or destroying them for fun and watching their lives collapse.

Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-Two

Chapter Twenty-Two “Lost Talisman”

“I need your help, I don’t know who else to turn to”
“Do you think it was one of us?”
“No, I just, do you have any ideas? I need to find out who did this, I need to know why.” The tear streamed down Willows cheek. Eldridge softened and sat her down. “Have you tried starting from where it happened and work backwards?”
“No, do you think it will work though?”
“Have you tried everything else?”
“Thank you Eldridge, just please know, I understand now. I am sorry more then you can ever imagine.”
“I know”
Willow sat beside the blood soaked grass, she ran her hands through the dried blood, clumsily her fingers met a cold object on the grass, fumbling she picked it up. In her hand she held a talisman similar to her fathers that she had taken to wearing. But unlike her fathers this didn’t have the image of her beloved magpies, no this talisman had a cold crow.

Stuffing the talisman in her pocket she stood up scrambling to get to her phone ringing in her jeans pocket. “Hello, oh hi… yeah don’t worry I will be home soon, I just went for a walk.” Willow put her phone away and shimmered back taking a light run back to the house. Hunter answered the door, seconds later Willow did a mad dash sprint to the bathroom and threw up.

A concerned Hunter stood at the door asking if she was ok. “I’m fine, I think I ate something dodgy.” Half hour later she curled up on the sofa watching reality T.V falling asleep, she didn’t hear a knock at the door.
“I came to see Willow”
“She’s asleep”
“Right can you tell her I called by?”
“I doubt it” and Hunter slammed the door in Eldridge’s face. Eldridge knocked again, this time when Hunter opened the door he flashed his eyes black as coal “good bye” he said and slammed the door.

A horrified Eldridge stood on the other side he closed his eyes and looked up at the sky, “someone needs to watch over that girl she’s in more danger then we realised.”