Author Updates (July 16)


So there won’t be much focus on this post today, I’m a bit distracted writing this, but here goes…


There are a few quotes about writing that I both like and struggle with…

“You own everything that ever happened to you.”

“If people wanted to be written warmly about they should have behaved better.”

“Never wrong a writer, they get their revenge in print.”


All superb quotes. All very hard to live by. Writing is challenging, it can make you vulnerable.

Life makes you vulnerable.


This month has been riddled with procrastination at its best. I’ve been procrastinating even though the editing has been strenuous. I am learning guitar (a month and a half in)! Which is hard but fun and my left hand fingers look gross at the finger tips.

And the worst part. I lost a friend. Not like she died. But that she chose to keep her life in a toxic place and I couldn’t think of any way to try to help her (I’ve tried so many times, so many ways) so I tried to shock her into taking action (about her happiness) and it didn’t work how it hoped it would have. I gave her an ultimatum. But she then made things worse by choosing to see how it goes with the toxic side of her life rather than try to fix the rift. So of course when I walked away from the situation she decided to make herself look like a victim in the situation at my hands rather than keep it amicable and clean as a friendship break up. She went from talking about me on social media to actively messaging and calling people to say how I am rubbish.

It is sad that it had to go that way. This is the only place I have and will make a comment on it, the breakdown sucks. But there is little I can do when someone has made their choice twice.

I just want her to know I hope that she gets what she needs, truly gets what is needed. I hope she has a happy life.


That aside. I know mentioned I am editing, yup, I sure am. I am hoping to find an agent or publisher to be able to get this story onto some tangible paper!

I am getting ready to prepare something exciting on here too so don’t worry something new and exciting is coming… keep popping in and I might tell a little more next time.

I have spent hours trying to avoid procrastination by writing. I am sure I am not the only one who finds procrastination something that writers would get an olympic gold for. I’ll collect my medal later.

So its been just over a month and a half since I started to learn guitar… So I am sure that there is a little curiosity. I know and can execute the 9 major chords (A, C, D, G, E, E minor, A minor, D minor) as well as a couple of others. What songs have I been learning in my beginner-ness? Get Back- Demi Lovato, Nightingale- Demi Lovato, Slow Down- Selena Gomez, Halo- Beyonce, and the tabs for Shouldn’t Come Back- Demi Lovato.

So while it has been a weird suckish month in some aspects, in others, my god its been wonderful!

I went to a concert with my bro Harry recently- It was awesome! We went to Hyde Park, we saw Pharrell Williams perform and Stevie wonder. The food was good. The freebies = awesome. The atmosphere was the best thing about it, there was such a great vibe going on!  I have learned something by saying yes to going, just follow a good vibe and impulse. It has been awesome to hang out with such positive people.

It is always important to hang around positive energies for certain.

So I want to keep doing more impulse yes moments!

May luck and adventure be on your side!

ARA xxx


Counting Chapter Thirty Cheeky Extras


Well that is a bit of a trick. There is rarely ever a true choice, an unpredictable choice. That is the thing, when the choice, the decision is made, it boils down to instinct. What is the instinctive reaction to the environment?

What does it promote? The good or the evil in the world.

Choosing to act on either level is a huge commitment.

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Counting Corvids Chapter Thirty

Chapter Thirty “The point of no return”


Willows eyes opened in an attic, exposed roof beams above her she hauled herself out of bed. Her feet hit the warm floor boards creaking below her, she tried to lighten her step as she edged towards the small window. Outside the neighbourhood seemed quite picturesque.

She caught her reflection across the room, her hair needed dying her roots were disgusting. She looked down, her hand reached her stomach, full and much bigger then when she remembered it. “The baby survived the potion don’t worry.” Willow looked up relieved she threw her arms around Eldridge. He sat Willow down on the bed and began to talk. “Well after Hunter finally let go of you, an hour later or so maybe more, they took you to prepare for your funeral, we managed to steal your body and we brought you here. We looked after you, we brought you to this safe house. As far as I know Hunter thinks a demon stole your body, but doesn’t know that you’re not actually dead.”
Willow took a deep breath before she began retelling some of the dreams she had seen of a life with evil and a life with good. Eldridge frowned as she continued to explain before she told him what her parents had said. “It was not a dream, you saw two realities good and evil, you do have to make that choice.”
“I have”

“Good, I am glad, but you have to understand this choice is permanent and binding. What you decide defines not only your future but every Elemental and of course your baby. You need to make sure that it is what you really want.” Willow nodded her understanding.


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Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-Nine Cheeky Extras

Potion or poison?

Well, it can be both isn’t it? A potion made of good intentions could be poison to evil and a potion made of bad can be poison to good.

A potion will have as much purpose as poison. But the way they are used can be very different. That is the thing, when Willow takes a potion/poison, what will she be letting herself in for? And who gave it to her?

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Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-Nine

Chapter Twenty-Nine “I Do”


Demons flanked her on both sides down the dark chamber, the aisle alight with fireballs. Steadying her unease, discomfort and nerves Willow stepped forward resisting the urge to run. Willow made it to the alter. Hunter smiled at Willow not seeing her stone like gaze. The hooded figure began to speak. Willows eyes rolled, her body tensed and she collapsed to the floor. Hunter dipped down to revive her but she wouldn’t wake. Testing to find her pulse he couldn’t find one, he shot into a fiery rage sending demons flying in his anger and pain.


Willow woke in her house but it all seemed different. Her parent’s room had become her own. She ventured downstairs, there at the head of the table sat Hunter in a council of the demons. Seconds later she was thrown across the room. The place was under attack again opportunistic demons being hunted by the Delicai had landed in the room, Willows heart broke as Hunter casually killed them. Willow screamed “no” Hunter’s face said it all as he pulled her away and out of sight of the demons. “We talked about this darling, your alliance is with me not them.” he hissed before storming back into his meeting slamming the door.

“This is not what I wanted, I never ever wanted this, it can’t be real, it can’t be. I don’t want to this.”
Willow opened her eyes in sunshine, someone took her hand as she lay on the grass. Willow turned to see Oliver laying beside her. She smiled, she didn’t care too much about the ache in her shoulder. She sat up and pulled Oliver to his feet as they turned to vanquish the Quake that had sent them flying. “There’s nothing quite like vanquishing yet another demon is there?” Oliver grinned as he blindfolded Willow leading her gently.

“You remember in that prison cell when we talked and you told me about that dream? Well, give me one second, I tied the knot too well, sorry honey.” He undid the blindfold, she slowly opened her eyes “you didn’t?”

“I did” he smiled and lead her through the gates it was beautiful, “I found one just like the one we saw in Grimeston, that pretty fountain we fell in love with, so what do you think?”
“Its perfect, you’re perfect” she beamed throwing her arms around him. “We just have to be careful with the demons but other then that isn’t it beautiful?”

Willow opened her eyes in nothingness. “Willow its time to choose” her parents stood in front of her. “Choose between good and evil, fight for evil and have more power then you can dream or fight for good and battle the eternal fight for what is right.” Willow smiled she knew her choice.


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Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-Eight Cheeky Extras


Doesn’t really exist. It’s a power play, a defence strategy and is often going to be limited. Having a form of protection will always carry conditions much like a condom has the limits of what lube can be used or how it is used, protection in the underworld is full of many more conditions and requirements.

On the “surface” protection is bought and sold but never lasting and when it’s actively used always results in the opposite effect of the intention it is used for.

Remember, no good deed goes unpunished.

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Counting Corvids Chapter Thirty-Two Cheeky Extras


Low level demons.

They are obviously fire based, their clothes are often singed, when they wear them. They are also the most un-organised bunch of idiots that you can come across in the demonic underworld. If they had the sense and the smarts they would unite and harvest their powers, instead of being bred and harvested themselves.

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Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-Eight

Chapter Twenty-Eight “Found”

The sun had started to rise when Hunter got home, sneaking upstairs he found her sound asleep, he smiled picking up the laptop to put it out the way. The light still blinking he opened it up with the intention of turning it off. He stopped when he saw the pages on the screen. Quickly he opened out her search history. He looked at her as though he saw her for the first time. He turned the laptop off and sat beside her stroking her hair, quietly he spoke, “I’ll find a way to save you, to save us, I promise.”
Willows eyes opened slowly conscious of his gaze. He fussed making breakfast and buzzing around her. Realizing she was becoming increasingly agitated by his fussing, he disappeared off to work or so she thought. His quiet return to the underworld with fresh conviction to maintain his throne.


Willow finally achieved her goal she summoned Gray trapping him on his own, it seemed far too easy. Gray smiled, “You got what you wanted, I am here”
“You hired the hit on my parents”

“No, if I wanted to kill them you would have done it with your own hands.”
“Why should I believe you?”

“Because I am the only one surviving who can tell you who did.” His smile became more twisted, more cruel as he spoke. “It was our lord, our crowned master, the son of the devil himself.” His pleasure apparent in her stunned silence. He took her hand and shimmered them down to the empty throne of the son of evil, he flung her in the chair smiling. “Now you will meet our master” he spoke no more as a thundering noise filled the chamber. “What fool dares sit in my throne” Hunter appeared seeing Grays back to him, Gray stepped aside to reveal Willow smiling cruel and twisted.

“You?” the only word she could muster on seeing Hunter’s face change to panic. “Willow I can explain.”
“You ordered my parents dead, you watched me suffer, what kind of sick person does that?”
“This is better than reality T.V” Grays last words as both Willow and Hunter threw a fire ball straight through his chest before he burst into the black flames from Hunter’s hands.

Willow turned to leave but Hunter caught her wrist. “There is an uprising, they are after you, thanks to your hunting. Sit beside me, on the throne it’s the only way to save yourself”
“You have no alliance with good, you must form one with me, marry me, I can protect you, we can rule the underworld together.” Willow couldn’t speak she could barely breath. “End your days with me and you will be safe, say you will be beside me always and I can save you, it’s that or die, not at my hands, but from the ripple you caused.”
“You killed my parents”
“You try my patience, always! Will you just make your choice, marry me and be saved, make the choice.”
“Is that a yes?”
“Fine” the tears streamed down her cheeks as he kissed her, she slumped down to the ground.

“We will be safe, you, me and the baby I won’t let them harm you.” Her eyes burned with floods of tears as he smiled walking from the chamber into the court ahead filled with demons who had clearly been eavesdropping, they congratulated him on finally getting the alliance he had been planning.

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Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-Seven Cheeky Extras


Of course there is a throne in the underworld. It has to be led by someone. That throne is so coveted and is a symbol of power across the whole of the underworld. Immense power and authority.

Sitting in someone else’s chair in the underworld, well, I hope you like a painful vanquish, it is often a status thing and often a “this is my territory kind of vanquish”. So you will know about it.

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Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-Seven

Chapter Twenty-Seven “Undercurrent”


Gray stood amoung the remaining of his Colter army some baring the marks of torture. He finally received the message. Gray and his Colters headed straight to Hunter.

“You can’t be here” Hunter hissed at the demons filling the house.

“I clearly can. You need to control your woman, she’s been sending me a message.” He brandished his wounded Colters. Hunter’s eyes rolled. He vanquished the wounded infuriating Gray even further.

“How dare you even-… you are too clearly blinded by your lust for the girl.” Hunter made to silence Gray but he continued. “You will sort this, or I will lead the tide that swallows you whole and avenges our comrades that suffered at your weakness.” Gray and the Colters shimmered back to the underworld leaving a livid Hunter.

Hunter began to look back on his morning, Willows nonchalant attitude this morning over her strange behaviour as she waved him off. He had spent the morning in the underworld hearing rumours of disturbances struggling to think of a way to send a warning. He could feel his choke hold on the underworld beginning to loosen, was Willow really to blame for his new weakness and distraction that the scum of the world demons had begun moving against? His throne clearly at risk, should his plan fail.


Willow had raced from waving Hunter off, back to her locked room and poured over vanquishing potions and the little book hidden under the table. She had started reading a little book of Elemental baby names she had found in her parent’s room, even earmarked on her name, she smiled rubbing the page.

Hunter hadn’t returned after work, taking her opportunity Willow had taken the opportunity to research her options. Pulling out the laptop and began searching for advice, for and against her baby spending more time looking at positive options finding little tips and so on as she read on book marking clothes and equipment and so on. She seemed to have made her mind up, assuming Hunter was out for the night she closed the laptop shut and fell asleep beside it.

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