Counting Corvids Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen “Hallows Hunt”

Willow left early in the morning the neighbourhood children already seemed hyper on sugar. Tacky cobwebs, plastic decorations and lanterns littered front gardens all around, everything looked incredibly cheap in the light of day. Willow found herself sat by the side of the bridge in the park. Willow had sat there for hours by herself just waiting for the sun to go down.

Just as the sun finally set the air had become much cooler and sweeter, Willow pulled herself up slinging her bag over her shoulder, the little bottles inside clinked as she got it in position. Heading back towards the Gourlay compound. Spotting the starting strays all on the hunt, Willow casually vanquished them before anyone could notice. Sat just out of sight of the entrance to the compound, Willow waited to vanquish them as they exited.

After an hour Willow started to grow more impatient and frustrated waiting for the Gourlays clearly becoming weaker and more hesitant with every vanquish, Willow made a decision. Willow had impacted their collective, with all their power being shared she realised that she would have to go inside to prevent their hunt tonight, to protect the Gourlays future victims. From the rumblings inside they were desperate to hunt but afraid to risk it. Taking a breath, she slipped into the entrance, she began vanquishing the Gourlays who had come to see her off. She was surrounded by Gourlays, Willow noticed that each one was female, she had yet to see a man amoung them. One by one she wiped them out; finally finding the first and only male on the compound. He was clearly some kind of king, leader, alpha male, but he didn’t stand a chance against Willow. His greatly reduced collective had left him struggling to survive clinging to the stairs. His vile green eyes were blood shot, each breath emitted a vapour of toxic smoke.

Willow couldn’t stop herself, she couldn’t stop blowing things up in her blind rage, she was on a roll and couldn’t resist. She took her anger out on windows, doors, walls and the demon until she stood alone in the foyer, everything shattered, shredded into tatters by the toll she had taken out. Exhausted she fell to her knees.



Author Updates (Mar 16)



It will be a short one this month, not because a lack of update or interest but because I am not feeling too bright.

This month has been a bit of a weird one. Got new work from the assessor to be doing. But the biggest news this month has been that the last 2 weeks I haven’t been too well. The doctor said I have inflamed ribs. They aren’t improving, if anything it feels like the opposite. I have had a change in medication and an X ray so hopefully we can find out the why and what next soon!

Pain and injury aside, its been a good month, a lot of emotional progress.

There has been a little frustration going around, mainly due to deadlines or side effects but all in all I have learned more about myself in the last month or so.

I have done a bit of reading, not sure if I mentioned but I have been reading the Game of Thrones books, I think they are bloody well written and I can’t wait to read more.

I suspect that this year is flying by for a reason, as soon as I know what and why I will let you know.

My learning guitar has slowed right down this month, mainly due to the rib issues.

I am very fortunate to have friends that keep me entertained. And listening to a few Abraham Hicks rampages has stopped my cabin fever a fair bit.

I know that this is going out on Easter Sunday so I want to wish you all a very happy and peaceful Easter.

Like I mentioned this is a short update. There is a lot I wish I had the time and energy to write and say now, especially writing, but for the moment I will let the story continue on here a bit more.

I hope you are all enjoying Counting Corvids so far.


May luck and adventure be on your side!

ARA xxx

Counting Corvids Chapter Twelve Cheeky Extras


They may be easy enough to kill, but these demons are very high level and very skilled.

A slayer demon feeds off of guilt. It’s an emotion they cannot possess, and thus makes it the most delicious emotion for them to taste. For them to feed off of someone’s guilt they most have a soul, thus often creep up to the mortal world as the underworld is filled with demons and other soulless beings.

The feeding of the guilt can either cause complete mental break down as the guilt is often intensified before consumption or can drain the being of all sense of guilt voiding them of remorse and conscience.

Counting Corvids Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve “Slay The Guilt”


“You know what you have to do?”
“Yes my lord”
“Feed off of her, just enough, prey on the guilt, but don’t take it all, I still need to use her.”
“Of course my lord, but what do get in return?”
“You are fed, you live, now count yourself lucky and go” Hunter’s voice rang out and the slayer vanished from his sight.


Willow could have sworn she had heard Madi’s laughter in the room but came to find it yet again empty. Unaware of the hungry eyes watching her. “Willow, Willow, why?” There was no mistaking Madi’s voice echoing, spurred on by the hungry eyes. “Madi? Madi is that you?”
“Willow, why?”
“It wasn’t my fault, I didn’t mean to, I wasn’t myself” the room began to spin around her as Madi’s voice echoed on.
“Excuses, you wanted me gone”
“No. That’s not true”
“It is, it is and you know it, you wanted to punish me.”
“No Madi you were my friend”
“Why did you do it?”
“I don’t, I don’t know, I don’t remember”
“Lies! You remember what you did, you know what happened, and it wasn’t just a dream was it?”

“No, but it wasn’t me, you have to believe me”
“It sure looked like you.”
“I know, but please you have to understand”
“Understand what exactly? That my best friend killed me? What could I possibly have done to hurt you?”
“You betrayed me” Willows words surprised her. “You betrayed me, you gave the book to Gray. You stole my heritage”
“You gave my heritage to a demon, a demon. You undermined me and any chance of alliance every step of the way”
“That’s not true”
“The book, with Hunter, I’ve seen you, trying to flirt with him, did you think I hadn’t noticed? Did you really think I didn’t know?”
“What’s your point, he wanted you, didn’t he?”
“You kidnapped me and tried to turn me into a vampire for heavens sake, what part of any of that is being a good friend.”
“You would have loved it, after you are so powerful aren’t you?”
“Is that it? What was it jealousy? After all that… you were jealous of my power?”

There was quiet, the hungry eyes continued feasting on willows guilt deceiving and devouring her. Willow didn’t notice Hunter’s appearance, she had carried on yelling for Madi to answer. The slayer continued feeding on her, past the point he could stop, past the point where Hunter’s threats meant a thing. Hunter’s temper quickly grew short before he vanquished the slayer freeing Willow from his vice. Willow ran from the room and out of the house heading down the street. Hunter chased after her.

“Willow! Willow stop!” she finally stopped letting him catch up, panting and bent doubled. “Are you alright? I saw you running and I had to know” the concern in his voice and eyes broke freely onto his features “Willow what’s going on with you?”
“I’m fine, I promise” she gasped between breaths.
“Are you sure? You have been so, well so different since Madi?”
“I know, and I am sorry. But I am fine now, I swear.” She took his hands in hers as she spoke.

“Even after you know? I know it’s been hard for you Willow, I do, and I’m just worried about you.”
“Look, I’m fine, I made a mistake, twice, I trusted her and she betrayed me every chance she had.”
“Oh Willow, I am so sorry” he held her in his arms smiling. Slowly they started walking down the street hand in hand.

Walking past the Gourlay compound Willow noticed a Colter skulking around, and she wasn’t the only one, a police car had slowed down to a crawl watching it. Hunter watched Willows reaction closely, mainly because she hadn’t sprung straight into action, not until the police man had stopped and began to approach the Colter. It seemed to get heated pretty fast. Willow stopped the Colter’s attack but moments too late; her indecision, her reluctance had impacted on the stranger. The Colter had hit the man with a small energy ball. Willow vanquished the Colter and turned to help the man.

Desperately trying to work out how to help him; she noticed her hands had begun to feel warmer as her hands seemed to illuminate against him, she could see his wound vanishing before her eyes. She had never seemed so petrified in all her life.

Before he could thank her let alone ask her name or what had happened Willow had started running until she reached a dead end. From a distance Hunter watched her in her confused frustration she started taking it out on a graffiti covered wall exploding brick by brick until Hunter stepped in behind her and stopped her. “You did a good thing” his voice was clear and strong against the haze of her mind.

“I don’t know how, I don’t know”
“Neither do I but you did, you did something amazing”
“I’ve never done that before. This is driving me mad all the time, its just”
“I know, I know” he soothed smiling to himself.


Counting Corvids Chapter Eleven Cheeky Extras


Well it seems self-explanatory.

Taking hold of a body in the means to either consume it indefinitely or to control it and the actions. It’s a very high level power and rare enough to find and has a very high price on the black market.

Possession seems to suffocate the true body owners soul, tarnishes it a bit with the actions of the demon possessing it.

Sensationally speaking it is very much losing control of the body the actions often negate the intention of the original soul.

That being said memory is not always left intact after possession is released often causing black outs and confusion.

Counting Corvids Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven “Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law”


“Madi, you always were the weak, jealous girl.” Madi’s eyes were wide in shock, Willow had narrowly missed her throwing the last little fire ball. “There’s such power in this body, your friend really is intoxicating. No wonder why Hunter preferred her to you.”

It finally dawned on Madi, this wasn’t Willow, well not the real Willow. Her mouth wide open finally spoke. “What have you done to her?” Willows eyes glinted maliciously. “What don’t you recognize me, perhaps you would have recognized me better in my Marfa form. You told her to stop… Me.”

“Yes Gray,” he spat, “don’t I look fabulous. But here’s my problem you see, you’ve been pulling pretty little Willow here to the good side and we can’t allow that.”
“What do you mean? I-”

“Shh child! You see Willow here, without your guidance will easily fall into our grace. She will help lead evil to a new age of-”
“You can’t do this, we will stop you, and she will stop you.”

“You are wrong, oh so wrong. You can’t stop me, not now, not now I am in this body, you wouldn’t dare to hurt her”
“You nothing! You don’t stand a chance. Don’t you see, power seeps from her every pore, power that evil will soon possess, oh how I love that word, but power that we will possess along with the rest of her kind.”
“Yes, and now, its time to say good bye”
Madi was consumed by the fiery blaze scorching through her chest. Willows body crumpled to the floor, Gray now stood over her in his normal form, relishing in his existence. “Sweet dreams, Willow dear”
“What did you do Gray?”
“My lord” he bowed, “I did not expect you”
“Clearly” Hunters gaze dropped to the two bodies slumped on the floor. “Willow, what did you do to her?”

“I merely did what you were too weak to do”
“You possessed her? To kill Madi? You fool!”

“I am not the fool, falling for the impossible, she would never be years with the girl alive.”
“Hold your tongue”

“Yes my lord”

“Go, now” Gray disappeared moments before Willows parents walked in, “Eric, Adelaide, I found, I think, Willow, I don’t, Madi, she’s dead.” Eric and Adelaide rushed over to their daughter cradling Willow who was old cold. “We have to, she can’t have, I can’t believe Willow did this” Eric’s voice cracked.

An hour later and Willow finally awoke as though it was all a bad dream, finding out it wasn’t sent Willow into hysteric, wounded cries as she held her friend, refusing to let go, refusing to cover up what had happened. In the chaos Hunter excused himself and left.

“Gray, I know you are here, show yourself”

“My lord”

“Give me one good reason I shouldn’t vanquish you this second?”
“You need me, my lord”

“Do I?”

“Yes my lord” Gray winced avoiding a burst of flames, “Yes, my lord, you do, you need me to make sure that the Delicai won’t find a broken, guilty remorseful chosen one. They need to assume she is one of us, that she gave into her darkness, my lord”
“You are lucky, you made a good recovery plan”

“My lord?”

Counting Corvids Chapter Ten Cheeky Extras


The higher levels even after vanquish.

These things, are the spirits of one of a kind high level demons.

They are balls of light that chase after mortal souls to steal the bodies as a host for their own spirits.

They have 24 hours to find a body, in that first 24 hours of possession the demon cannot be active if the body is unconscious exposing vulnerability.

They are unable to possess a body that contains even a single drop of magical blood. The saving of a possessed mortal requires a “blood oath” or “blood promise”.

Counting Corvids Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten “Quake Convention continued”


As more and more Quakes arrived Willows confusion and disorientation grew. Without knowing what happened everything froze in her frustration, the Quakes had stopped moving but so had Mad and Hunter until Willow somehow vanquished the Quakes until Willow unfroze the last one by accident as well as Madi and Hunter but blew the Quake up in a flurry of violet fire. Hunter stared at Willow before Madi dragged them out of the park not noticing the difference.

When Madi grabbed Willows arm she had a new premonition. This time Madi was in an attic with the book handing it to a demon she didn’t recognize yet to be Gray.

Willow broke free and got to the attic in the premonition, she saw that the book was already gone, the premonition wasn’t for the future, it was the past, Madi had already betrayed her.

Down in the underworld Gray handed the book to a figure hiding in the shadows.

“I got you the book as you asked my lord.” The figure in the shadow nodded. Before enveloping the book in jet black fire, that stole the light, turning the book to dust. The book now burnt the figure in the shadow stepped forwards into the creeping light of the room to reveal himself. There stood Gray and his lord and master, Hunter.


Counting Corvids Chapter Nine Cheeky Extras

Hecate and the book!

Hecate, the original mother of the founding Weyward sisters and the base mother of witches. Well it’s all very complex with her.

Her daughters the Weyward sisters, were given her last breath providing them with lasting life making them the governesses of power for the “Elemental” magical children in the line making them the truest “Elders” for their kind. But they remain hidden from the world.

Hecate, the mother of the Weyward sisters imparted all her magical wisdom and knowledge into a book held sacred at the heart of the Weyward sisters to be passed down to the one to lead the “Elementals” from purgatory to either good or evil. The book is their infinite knowledge condensed and so very precious and of course legendary, something much the myth and legend as the chosen one.

Counting Corvids Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine “Quake convention”


“Madi where would I find the book of what was it?”

“Hecate, I don’t know where exactly.” Behind the door now stood an eavesdropping Hunter. “All I do know is this book was rumoured to have all the prophecies, prophecies beyond good and beyond evil. I am sure that your own prophecy is in it. It’s rumoured that only the chosen one can read its words. It’s like a book of ultimate knowledge. Some have said it is protected by the sisters themselves.”

“Wow that’s some heritage.” Finally Hunter knocked on the door.


“So, Madi, I wondered, what was the book you mentioned?”

“Oh, well it has every prophecy ever made, sorry I need to go to the ladies after all, watch our stuff?”
“No problem” he smiled muttering under his breath “I need you to find me that book.”
Minutes later Willow and Madi returned from the bathroom giggling and chatting. They had strolled through the park drifting lazily. Without a chance to see the source of the shadows they turned to fire at the Quake blocked their path, one by one surrounding them. In no time at all they were surrounded by no less then thirteen Quakes, as they vanquished one another would replace him. Willow struggled to contain her powers blasting at them as fast as she could feeling the panic rising.