Not Long to Christmas


Yup it is a month away. How many people are out there panicking, panic buying?

This year it won’t be me. That’s not me making a promise to myself that I won’t be running around like a headless turkey this Christmas. Oh no. I did 90% of my Christmas shopping in August. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT, AUGUST!

Love me or loathe me. I was 90% wrapped up by September. I knew that this year, I wouldn’t have time to sit and handcraft special gifts, or put that amazing level of fear-panic buying into practice. Instead I sucked up the pain, checked out the discounts online, checked out ideas and brought the gifts. And you know what, I STILL OVER SPENT. So while my gifts are normally generous of time, this year they are also of wallet.

I love putting time into something special. But that is totally ok. Because, this year while it may be all ready to go for Christmas, I am also ready to actually enjoy Christmas. I was singing Christmas songs in September so hopefully this year, I will be really excited by Christmas and ready to really enjoy it.


Yeah I know, not my coolest hobby. But, this summer I started a jumper, I am still knitting that sodding jumper and at this rate it will be ready by 2020 if I am lucky. So is there a way to knit faster?

No, just knit. Once you feel comfortable knitting without looking you can knit and watch TV. I do it all the time. It kills two birds with one stone, you were going to watch anyway so why not watch TV at the same time?

Feel guilty about not exercising as much as you should? Invest in one of those little bikes, you know the ones that are just pedals that you can just sit in your chair and knit with. Get one. You can learn to knit, watch TV and ride your little pedal thingy all at once. And then you are killing three birds with one stone. Getting some exercise, staying warm, knitting and catching up on whatever high jinks are affecting your favourite shows these days. Don’t feel guilty for making that hand crafted with blood sweat and tears gift slowly like you’re doing nothing. You my friend are going to be the world’s fittest knitter who is clued up on all those shows you would have missed otherwise.

The Confidence of ink

Ok. It is no secret, I have tattoos, and piercings. To look at me day to day in the office, the only clue is the tattoo on my wrist. Small and delicate, it’s a memorial to my grandad and to myself in some ways. It’s a promise to myself.

As soon as this contract ends, well that might all change, I might be happy and lucky enough to be able to be myself even more, I would love to have more ink, and not be made to be ashamed to hide it because it is classed as unprofessional. It doesn’t change how I do my job.

Well actually yes it does. Since I have had my ink collection grow, a lot, I have felt in myself more confident, coinciding with a lot of change in my life, but still, the process of the change, the physical change of the tattoo is amazing. I have brought out what was on the inside I used to protect and hide, had it turned into art and had that art etched into my skin. It makes me feel proud, yes this is me… The ink has made me feel more body confident too.

You don’t believe? Ok, but before I used to dream about the body confidence to go and get my ribs done. It was always “when my stomach is flatter” or “when I am more toned” as my excuse. In the end I just said “Fuck it” and I got that tattoo, and my god I love it. Sure I do have those fat days and I think “woah, how did you ever get those ribs done looking like that”. But those thoughts, they don’t last long, because it changes to “my gosh, it is a beautiful tattoo though.” And it grows and snowballs. Because I find more things I like. The tattoos make me feel like, “hey there’s something else that you do actually really love and like about yourself.” All you have to do is focus on that feeling.

I’m inked and proud. But I will not go around flaunting them every single day. I don’t want to make everyone jealous 😉

Hooked on a Book THREEEEEEE

Oh man am I in trouble. Last week, I told you I had started the second book…

Well much to the dismay of my current work, I am now on the sixth of the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. What the hell has that woman done to me?

Non stop, non stop have I been reading her work, screw my own writing schedule and to do list, I have just had to keep reading. It’s addictive.

What am I meant to do with my life once this series ends?  It won’t take me long until that is a real true thought I have to think about. But I don’t because I know what it is I should be doing, what I have been neglecting the past few weeks.

Do you want to know something?

I am really hooked on the books. But at the same time, I know that there is work I need to be doing, if not for writing then perhaps look towards my work work, my day job. While the two do not match, and I do have a favourite, I know which one I want to do for the rest of my life.

But like I said, hooked on the Vampire academy series. Managed the first five books with ease, and now book six, it’s a slippery slope of spoilers and addiction. I may need to go to readers/writers rehab whatever that might be at the end. But I won’t be going quietly. I’ll do a Hathaway and fight my way back to normality and civilization.

I have had complaints that I haven’t been as chatty recently from a few people, I am not sure the explanation of “I was absorbed into another world and now I have to face reality and that sucks” would work well in my favour.

Either way, it doesn’t matter. All I can do is warn you about these highly addictive awesome books. And then tell you to go read them, NOW!