Yeah I know, not my coolest hobby. But, this summer I started a jumper, I am still knitting that sodding jumper and at this rate it will be ready by 2020 if I am lucky. So is there a way to knit faster?

No, just knit. Once you feel comfortable knitting without looking you can knit and watch TV. I do it all the time. It kills two birds with one stone, you were going to watch anyway so why not watch TV at the same time?

Feel guilty about not exercising as much as you should? Invest in one of those little bikes, you know the ones that are just pedals that you can just sit in your chair and knit with. Get one. You can learn to knit, watch TV and ride your little pedal thingy all at once. And then you are killing three birds with one stone. Getting some exercise, staying warm, knitting and catching up on whatever high jinks are affecting your favourite shows these days. Don’t feel guilty for making that hand crafted with blood sweat and tears gift slowly like you’re doing nothing. You my friend are going to be the world’s fittest knitter who is clued up on all those shows you would have missed otherwise.

Whats on your mind?

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