Counting Corvids Chapter Thirty-Five

Chapter Thirty-Five “Practice, Perspiration, Preparation”


Small explosions had been coming from inside the kitchen all morning. A tray on the table were set cooling in batches some capped on the table, empty bottles on the counter just waiting to be filled. Willow had been brewing for hours already this morning. Willow looked up to see a quake demon appear throwing potion trays across the room causing little fires and explosions on impact. Willow started firing at the demon assisted by whoever it was stood in the door way, the demon finally exploded but this time sent green slime everywhere.. Willow stood covered head to toe wiping the slime from her face she saw Oliver do the same.

Angrily willow started tidying up the smell of the vanishing slime that lingered on the remains of the potions. Willow started too pick up the glass and mop the potion ignoring Oliver’s attempts to help. “Willow, you have to talk to me at some point” she ignored him and continued to struggle to tidy the mess. “Willow just stop and listen, I was wrong-”
“Yes you were” Willow scrambled to pull herself up and walked into the garden. Oliver followed her.

“Willow please, I am sorry”
“Yeah so am I” he could hear the hurt in her voice, he tried to take her hand but she snatched it away. “You cant do this to me”
“Willow please think about it from my point of view, you tell me all that then that we are having a baby, all the hurt you went through, you thought I abandoned you, I had to protect you, I couldn’t stay, you know that.” tears rolled down her cheeks refusing to turn to face him Willow started to notice that there were new shadows around them starting to move. Willow demanded silence from Oliver and pointed them out before she started to fire at them.

Shadow demons started to burst into flames as Oliver helped Willow vanquish them shadows disappearing, Willow missed a few as they escaped. Willow turned and headed back into the house muttering “he will know I am alive now. Potions, got to make more” she left Oliver standing alone in the garden watching her.


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Author Updates (August 16)


Well… Whats been happening this month?

Well… COUNTING CORVIDS has now been released on Amazon… Click here for the link … Please get yourself a copy! Yay!!!! This is your chance to get an advanced view on the last few chapters… Yay! So go find out ahead, the kindle book contains both the story chapters and those cheeky extra’s.

I am still learning guitar, its two and a half months in and I bet you are rolling your eyes right now. Yep I do want to tell you all that I have learned this month! Well we finished learning Get Back by Demi Lovato, we are now learning World of Chances by Demi Lovato. I am finding that one much harder, its a tricky rhythm to match the chord changes to. But I am determined to one day be able to completely play it competently and confidently.

Ok, so I know last month I was very vague on the details of what happened with my friend in my last Author Update. There is a reason for that I assure you. I wanted to keep it very private because it was such a big issue that we disagreed on, emotionally abusive relationships. Those of you that know me very well will know that, that particular topic is one that I am very driven about. I discuss the ideas and subtleties in my writing or characters or stories. I have a few topics that really tend to agitate me; body shaming, slut shaming, rape culture and abusive relationships (physical or emotional). So of course I tend to make it something I want to increase awareness of in my writing.

That being said I have had to consider things very carefully, because this is something I am passionate about, but I am also very certain that it is not only private to me but to her as well. While there have been times when I have revealed things to the reader that I wouldn’t normally, there has been an occasion where I have bared the truth of situations. A good example of that is Breathing Smog, I don’t always want to share the most intimate thoughts and feelings, but on the occasion I do, it means a huge deal to me.

So yes in time I probably will use this incident, extracted and given a degree of anonymity, there will one day be a day where I can say exactly what happened without worrying about protecting the involved parties. But until then, it will remain a closed book.

But there are books that are open, and available to you. So here is the link to my amazon author page, why not see if something takes your fancy.

Ohh and yeah I’ve been a grumpy thing thanks to being in a bit of pain on the old ribs… might have to abandon them somewhere 😛

May luck and adventure be on your side!

ARA xxx

Counting Corvids Chapter Thirty-Four Cheeky Extras


Hunter Tyler

A high-upper level demon… well no… he is the son of the source of all evil. And thus the most temptingly handsome, gorgeous man, ever.

His symbols are the crow and hell hounds.

He falls for Willow. His mother is a mortal human who was a prophecy, so is he. He was born on the surface away from the demonic underworld before being kidnapped and raised down with the demons.

He looks his late twenties, though he’s hundreds of years old. On the surface he claims he is adopted but never really knew his parents, he uses lightening as his main power. Occasionally the lightening he throws is black.

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Counting Corvids Chapter Thirty-Four

Chapter Thirty-four “One Last Catch”


Willow appeared in a clearing behind two scorch demons arguing. “You can’t have seen the girl she’s dead”
“I know what I saw.”
“You’re wrong, if you tell him she’s alive and she’s not he will wipe us out.” They noticed Willow who really didn’t care. “See I told you she’s alive” Willow vanquished them not noticing being watched from the trees. Kicking the ash piles Willow shimmered on.

The demon from the tree appeared by Hunter’s side “Your bride is alive my Lord” Hunter suddenly paid him attention. “You are sure it was her?”

“Very sure my lord. She vanquished a pair of pathetic scorches my lord.”
“In the woods she can’t have gone far, she’s been slowed by a load, waited by her belly my lord your bride bears child.” He smiled with satisfaction. “Take me there now.”


Hunter and the demon arrived at the clearing, empty, no sign she had ever stepped on the earth. Hunter’s frustration vented at the demon who erupted in a ball of black flames.

“Willow I am so glad you could make it” Eldridge welcomed her to sit, “we were just discussing your alliance.” Willow nodded as she took the seat. “Understandably we have to ask that you cut your ties with evil, and of course with Hunter completely, we understand that will be tricky. Hunter will never let you go freely, he is too great a threat.”

The woman stopped speaking and urged Eldridge to speak, “Willow you must destroy Hunter before he destroys us all.” Willow looked into Eldridge’s eyes and agreed. They offered her as much help as she needed, access to potions equipment anything as long as she succeeded.


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Counting Corvids Chapter Thirty-Three Cheeky Extras


Ollie James.

He is Madi’s ex, bless him. Willow saves him from the Marfa that was Gray by performing a blood oath. In this process he takes on some milder forms of Willow’s powers.

He is a total sweetie though, his favourite colour is turquoise and he loves bluebells. He’s the average kind of guy though, not much to worry about, not much a threat to Hunter’s devilishly good looks.

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Counting Corvids Chapter Thirty-Three

Chapter Thirty-Three “Secret dream”


Willow rested her hand on the gate, it opened so easily it could have been as light as air stepping through it glided smoothly shut behind her. Willow crossed the sweet little bridge over the stream that grew and shrunk with every wave and trickle, reminding her of the beach as a child. On the banks were little flowers that shrunk around the stone lion and lioness hugging them as though they had just fallen into a doze beside them.

Climbing roses grew against the high hedged walls drawing the sunlight in. Turning she saw a beautiful lavender blue house with sweet white porch swings. It looked like the house she had described from her dream to Oliver. She turned back to the gate watching the squirrels jumping and chasing each other through the stream.

Willow didn’t notice the shadow approaching behind her, Oliver’s hand rested on her shoulder, she turned to face him. He staggered back in surprise, first at Willow then at her very obvious bump.

“Is that Hunter’s?” She looked down where he pointed at the baby. She shook her head no, quickly she began explaining what had happened in short. “After you left, after you ran, a bounty hunter killed my parents, then I found out about the baby a few weeks later, I knew it couldn’t have been his but I was hell bent on finding out who had hired the bounty hunter. It turns out it was Hunter, some sick trap, he tried to force me to marry him… but I died, well kind of, then I woke up well… the baby survived and I was massive, I found out you were alive and I had to talk to you so I started to find you, I had to see you, I had to tell you, I couldn’t hide this from you, I’m sorry. I get that this is all a shock, it’s up to you what happens, I just, I felt like you had to know.”

“You’re blaming me for what happened after I left?”
“No I didn’t say that”
“It sounds that way”
“Well then your hearing wrong”
“Then what are you trying to say?”
“The baby is yours” Oliver’s face dropped in shock. “So you came here why? For money? For me to tell you its ok? Because this isn’t ok.”

“No I told you because you deserved to know”
“You can’t just drop this on me and expect me to what? Be happy? Willow you can’t do that”

“That’s not why, you deserved to know and now you do. Clearly I was mistaken to think that you might actually have a reasonable adult conversation to clear the air. I’m Sorry.” She turned and headed for the gate unable to shimmer away she stormed back the way she came until she found her way back through the hedge finally able to shimmer. Tears streamed from her eyes as she disappeared.


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Counting Corvids Chapter Thirty-Two Cheeky Extras


Low level demons.

They are obviously fire based, their clothes are often singed, when they wear them. They are also the most un-organised bunch of idiots that you can come across in the demonic underworld. If they had the sense and the smarts they would unite and harvest their powers, instead of being bred and harvested themselves

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Counting Corvids Chapter Thirty-Two

Chapter Thirty-Two “Through The Vines”


Willow had just finished packing and was about to say good bye when they came under attack. A band of scorch demons lay in wait. Willow and Eldridge started vanquishing side by side. Amoung the sea of demons she felt Eldridge beginning to tire. Willow blasted at them she saw one in the corner of her eye shimmer out before she had the chance to get him. Finally they were free of demons. Eldridge ushered Willow on to her journey. He could feel her conflict in leaving but he knew she needed answers.


Willow sensed her way through the wilderness avoiding demons, the odd cactus, and the odd rogue fireball. The pull was becoming stronger with each step. Completely focused she didn’t notice the thorny shrub by her side, well not until it had slashed right across her arm. Willow stared at it gasping in pain as it dripped with blood. Clutching her arm with her free hand. She felt a strange warm feeling mixing with her blood, she looked down to see the skin slowly starting to mend before her eyes.

Shaking the blood off of her hand she followed a path way that had grown, a train of blue bells that lead through the woods until stood before her was a solid looking hedge as tall as the trees, the blue bells seemed to continue through the hedge.

Taking a deep breath she touched the hedge only to find it felt as soft as snow she stepped forward into the hedge she followed the trail of blue bells winding through, all Willow could distinguish was the soft hedge and the trail of blue bells as she stepped out blinking in the sunlight.

The path of bluebells melted into trails of snow drops leading through gaps in the trees over fallen logs and across little pools of water. She watched as a bird over head took flight and she carried on walking. Spotting a magpie in her path she greeted it and did her best attempt to bow, her stomach making things awkward. The magpie bowed back and came to rest on her shoulder. The snow drops disappeared by a second magpie who took to her other shoulder. Allowing the magpies to guide her forward until she was met with a huge cast iron gate flanked by two tall deep thick hedge rows. This was it.

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Counting Corvids Chapter Thirty-One Cheeky Extras


Eldridge Valentine Percival.

The enemy, the friend, and the Delicai high council leader. You know, the leader of all that is good.

He delivers the verdict of the alliance, more than once, after all, he is good enough to give another chance.

He becomes a friend and understanding family figure. He is just as formidable as he is nice, and is very much the best retired demon hunter you could ever find.


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Counting Corvids Chapter Thirty-One

Chapter Thirty-One “Unfinished”


“You already know my answer” Eldridge smiled at her as he led Willow downstairs. “Willow are you a hundred percent sure that this is what you want?”
“More then anything, I want to fight for what’s right, I want to fight for good” Eldridge beamed this was all he needed and wanted to hear. Just outside there was a commotion that sent Eldridge running into action, Willow followed suit just a bit slower then usual. A demon was attacking Eldridge and his friend. Without hesitation or thought Willow vanquished the demon just in time. She helped Eldridge off of the floor. “That was an upper level how did you do that?”

Eldridge’s voice sounded as though he was in awe. “It’s not the first, I can’t explain, it just sort of happens” Eldridge smiled. “So what’s going to happen now?”
“That my dear is entirely up to you, do you know what’s happening with the baby, I mean do you know, what do you want?”
“Well before everything got messy, well messier, I thought about leaving and having it on my own. I don’t think I could have stayed there as it was.”
“It? You don’t know?”

Willow shook her head, “now I really am in a fork in the road”
“And you don’t know which way to turn?”
“Kind of.”
Willow and Eldridge sat in the library talking about the possible realities that she had seen. Finally she approached the question that had been on her mind for hours since she woke. “So In the dream I saw Oliver the-”
“Man you saved”
“Not well enough, I never heard from him after we escaped, I figured one of the demons killed him, but he was in the dream so I am a little confused.”
“You’re half right, a demon was after him, but I found Oliver just in time, he’s been hiding out since.”

Willow paused in thought, “if he is alive why didn’t he contact me?”
“He wanted to but it wasn’t safe, not with Hunter there.”
“It’s all my fault, I’ve turned so many lives upside down and made so many mistakes.”

“Don’t talk like that, you are forgetting all the good you’ve done” Willow half smiled.


At the dinner table Willow was lost in thought it took a while for her to realise that dinner was over. “Eldridge, I can never thank you enough and you know that, but I need to talk to Oliver, I need to find a way to explain, to see that he’s safe, I am sorry.” Eldridge nodded.


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