Counting Corvids Chapter Thirty-Four

Chapter Thirty-four “One Last Catch”


Willow appeared in a clearing behind two scorch demons arguing. “You can’t have seen the girl she’s dead”
“I know what I saw.”
“You’re wrong, if you tell him she’s alive and she’s not he will wipe us out.” They noticed Willow who really didn’t care. “See I told you she’s alive” Willow vanquished them not noticing being watched from the trees. Kicking the ash piles Willow shimmered on.

The demon from the tree appeared by Hunter’s side “Your bride is alive my Lord” Hunter suddenly paid him attention. “You are sure it was her?”

“Very sure my lord. She vanquished a pair of pathetic scorches my lord.”
“In the woods she can’t have gone far, she’s been slowed by a load, waited by her belly my lord your bride bears child.” He smiled with satisfaction. “Take me there now.”


Hunter and the demon arrived at the clearing, empty, no sign she had ever stepped on the earth. Hunter’s frustration vented at the demon who erupted in a ball of black flames.

“Willow I am so glad you could make it” Eldridge welcomed her to sit, “we were just discussing your alliance.” Willow nodded as she took the seat. “Understandably we have to ask that you cut your ties with evil, and of course with Hunter completely, we understand that will be tricky. Hunter will never let you go freely, he is too great a threat.”

The woman stopped speaking and urged Eldridge to speak, “Willow you must destroy Hunter before he destroys us all.” Willow looked into Eldridge’s eyes and agreed. They offered her as much help as she needed, access to potions equipment anything as long as she succeeded.


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