Coryburn Girls secrets (6)

All girls have their secrets, here’s some just for you.

Whats the best thing about Coryburn Girls Skimming the surface?

It isn’t necessarily  good versus evil. Or from the good guys perspective. The good tend to die young especially when their lives are always at the mercy of dark egos. Not having to fight the evil, it was instead more the bad trying to survive, trying to feel more alive, like they never belonged to this world. The more extremes that you experience the less of a rush, the less adrenalin kicks that make you achieve the rush of feeling alive. For example, go bungee jumping every week for a year. At first it’s “yeah this is great I feel so alive” but it will turn over time, it will become more “oh this again”. It is good to change things up once and a while so you don’t feel stagnant in even the most exhilarating circumstances.

Whats on your mind?

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