His Life Changed on a Tuesday

“His Life Changed On A Tuesday”


His life changed on a Tuesday,

He just doesn’t know it yet

His life changed on a Tuesday,

But I know its not when we met,

When we met, the sky was grey

When we met, I looked in his eyes

I saw all the hope and dreams

I saw him and he saw me

Every conversation

Every talk, every laugh

And every smile

Lead to this,

His life changed on a Tuesday

He became him

His face became him

And he became beautiful,

But that wasn’t on a Tuesday.


Now here is the secret,

He still doesn’t know

His life changed on a Tuesday

It was a Tuesday a little while ago,

When I decided, I couldn’t let him go,


Over time I have tried

And every time I have failed

It was a Tuesday I decided, I could not let him go.

Now when I look him in the eyes,

And see that sweet smile,

I wonder not if we will make it

Not if we will last

Because of that Tuesday in the past.


When I look him in the eyes

I fall more and more each time,

Because that smile, that laugh

That silliness is mine,

I love him and I cant deny

That every single time

I hear that sweet voice be gentle

I smile and feel comfortable

In myself and him


His life changed on a Tuesday

He doesn’t know it now

He will not know it tomorrow

But little by little every day,

I want to see him happy,


That’s something we share,

But here is a secret, I know too well,

Only you can make yourself happy

So don’t depend on others

To give you, your self worth

But thank them kindly for every smile,

Because sometimes

Just sometimes, they may already be there,

Waiting for you to let them change your life again.

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