The Sneak Peak at CB3!!!

Sneak peak of the first two chapters of Coryburn Girls- Devil Take the Hindmost




Chapter One


It was but a day and night that had passed by, time trickling like sand in a timer. Dusk was returning to the town that had been so eerily quiet for most of the day. Kayetelynn and Annabella had been laid slumped against the walls of their bedroom, unmoving and unconscious. In the middle of the room, a heavy wooden box with the most curious carvings, sat playing host to the gloriously impressive, blood diamond that had been stolen, many times over history and twice by the two girls rendered motionless.

Chrystyne and Eustace each sat patiently on their daughter’s beds. Waiting, watching Kayetelynn and Annabella slowly begin to rise, lifting the fog from the haze of unconsciousness. Aching and confused the girls struggled to find their bearings in the dim room.

Eustace was the first to speak; he was cool, calm and calculated, his voice trickled slowly as he spoke; “What did you do?”

The internal cringe, the knowing there was no way to hide this mistake or make it a secret.

Kayetelynn was unsure, she shrugged before she pulled herself unsteadily to her feet, the once blood soaked bandage fell from her hand, landing on the floor crumpled, stark bright white against the opulent rug at her feet. Annabella swallowed slowly staring at the unravelling bandage, pulling it away gently, to reveal scarred palms and fingertips. Her eyes drifted through her foggy memory back to the box.

Staring at the diamond and box as though somehow she could accuse it of this strange feeling that was sweeping over her in her consciousness; Annabella felt strong, much stronger than she had ever felt before. Her parents could see the scars, it was then that their parents truly began to understand, a cold panic swept them. Even their usual pale features seemed to some how become a brilliant white. Both Chrystyne and Eustace ran from the room in a panic running to the basement that had remained locked for years. Unsure of what to do Kayetelynn and Annabella ran after their parents.

Down in the dusty basement Annabella and Kayetelynn stared curiously at their parents sighing relieved in front of a mirror. The mirror, heavy, ornate and beautiful, showed only the image of the room, and not the four breathless occupants ignoring the piles and layers of dust that swept across the room.

In one swift motion Chrystyne’s hand came down on Annabella’s cheek; reprimanding her for putting them all at risk. Bewildered Annabella and Kayetelynn were directed back to their room rather aggressively. The relief had left Chrystyne as soon as a reality had settled back in.

Chrystyne lifted the diamond from the box. Finally ready to explain. “This, this saved our bloodline, by stealing your own blood.” Kayetelynn and Annabella looked on bemused. Eustace grumbled, adjusting himself before he began to speak. “The blood diamond absorbed your blood, did it not? I asked a question.” Kayetelynn nodded, he continued, “The box is but an old Nosferatu legend. It is believed to be a destroyer and a maker of our very existence. By taking your blood, it saved our most direct bloodlines, now the purest of the pure. But in preserving ours, it has destroyed many others. Half fangs, they are now what they once were, it will have undone them. And we are in danger.”


Chapter Two


Their father seemed weaker, like he had the weight of the world upon him, now wrapped in a shroud of concern and worry.

“If as you say, that the stone has undone them, am I wrong in presuming they survive?”

“There will be a tide of hell unleashed, desperate hell. Annabella what have you done?”

Annabella struggled to reply, unsure of how they knew that this had all been down to her, like somehow this had all been intentional, “I only did as the dream dictated.”

This did noting to sooth her parents. “Tonight we must leave here. Tonight you will go to London and us to the boarder just as we planned.” Eustace left the room to summon the coachmen and carriages. In haste he loaded their luggage to leave ahead of the girls.

“You will meet the luggage in London, and you will need this.” He handed Annabella a sealed envelope. “These instructions will help you when we cannot.” His last words sounded uncharacteristic of his normal manner, they were heavy and sorrowful. Perhaps more that he was forced to bid farewell too soon; in conditions that he would in time break his heart, as though he knew the fates before them. The myths that had been created to the legends of the stone and box, in old stories that had been passed to generations as bed time tales.

“There will be a fall out; there will be a time that half fangs will know no other way. Their very existence as it had been all these years has become them, their last shred of identity in our existence; they will be unwilling to go back to what they once were. Mortal lives will pain them. Be wary of their clumsy pursuits.”

Kayetelynn nodded and hugged Chrystyne, “for the dead, we travel fast, my dears be at speed.”

Kayetelynn and Annabella said one last goodbye before setting themselves into a carriage made of the darkest wood and most decadent of fabrics. They sat restless as the wheels began to creak and bounce at speed against the old cobble stone roads.

another detail

Another detail?


See now I have to keep remembering the pre order link.

Ok now, another detail, well, maybe perhaps it’s not a detail but it’s something I thought I could discuss.

The amazing charismatic magnetizing pull and influence the girls have. Have you ever met someone that seemed to just attract and manifest all that they want? They know exactly what to do or say to get closer to what they want, to achieve what they want? Now that’s the thing, we either look up to or hate these people. They know how to get what they want in their life, they know how to manifest and create a vibration, an energy that pulls you in.

Now if we hate them? They want something we don’t want; their goal is negative to our own, to our own wants and desires. But if we love that kind of personality or attraction? Perhaps their own goal and desire is providing something beneficial to bring us our own goals and desires.

But that aside a magnetic personality doesn’t have to be as extreme as the girls in the series. In fact a magnetic personality could just be someone who seems to be really nice and fun to talk with, because we want to talk to people and involve people in our lives that really enrich our own experiences. The girls were a gift to try to live in the extremes of the story.


More details and imaginings

Well now that you have the pre order link I will continue.

The box. It has to be the box. In the last post I told you all about how my perception of the diamond was? Well here is the most logical step, the box.

The “heavy ornate box”

Well. To me it’s a cherry mahogany shade. The carvings, at first, away from that tricky stone; the carvings have softness to them, less sharp severe shapes. I can see soft impressions as though flowers had been grown with vines wrapped around a box, ivy’s jasmines and daisies, small roses had been grown and pressed into the wood and become the wood itself to the body of the designs. Like gentle silk curtains, the softest texture to touch. Almost fluid in its curves. The edge lines of the box seems to be held together with a very dark rose gold that’s become one with the box.

But when the stone is close? Well, that is when the curtain of the box itself seems to lift, the softness of the ivy and jasmine and daisies will fall away and the roses and the thorns seems to grow around it and the lettering and the words appear in the crossing of the lines of thorns and stems and roses behind in and around them, all over. It’s like it becomes the textile warning of the breaking of the bloodlines and bonds of the Nosferatu, the preventions, the cures, the sharpening and heightening of a line.


Not Long to Go

What’s that? You want the pre order link?

Yep. That is no lie; there isn’t much time to go until October the 7th… And I am so excited. Well I can’t be blamed. It is the last instalment in the Coryburn Girls series. It’s taken about two years of work on and off to achieve. I am getting closer to turning those final pages. So now it is a case of how much should I reveal to you now? I know there are little details that probably never made it to the books.

So here is something special that I never included.

That blood red diamond, how have I imagined it? How do I see the diamond?

Well because I wanted you to create that image on yourself so that it was something that you could see in your own interpretation I removed some of my own very specific details, because I wanted to see what you wanted to see, what your image is.

So how do I see the diamond?

Well, I have small hands, but I could imagine it as just about fitting comfortably in the palm of my hands, but if my fingers were to try to close around it, it would feel like a stretch, a tiny impossibility that would dig the coldness of the diamond into my palm. The edges would feel sharp in certain lines of the stone, but others would have a semi curve to them. I could imagine a tiny filigree pattern etched delicately over the top surface of the diamond. But the designs on the surface would be irremovable, untouchable and undiminishible so even a diamond expert would be unable to remove and chisel away at the designs to break the stone apart. It cannot be cut by the wrong hands, or any hand. The pattern would be a reflective continuation from the designs on the box. I would imagine the diamond to be the colour of a nail varnish I once owned that was named “dragon’s blood” it was an extremely intense shade of red, which managed to trap light in a way that gave the red a vibrancy that lifted it from the darkness.

Back to School

Well I know that some of you will be returning to school. So this one is for you.

At the start of this new school year I want you to know, this doesn’t have to be the year you change the world. You don’t even have to change the school, the year or your grades. Not saying don’t try your best or try to do better. The only change I want you to make, is this, believe in yourself. Try to find something you like about yourself, and then something else and let it snow ball and nurture into things that you love and grow within your soul. The things that make you beautiful from inside will always make you beautiful. Because true inner beauty shines outwardly and the right souls will see that beauty and be attracted like moth to a flame. If there is something you love that makes you feel millions of times more yourself on an energy level that makes your heart soar. DO IT and do not ever be ashamed of the feeling of being in a state of pure energy where you can feel your soul on fire with love. Be proud of yourself and your journey, because it is never ending and you will always grow.