another detail

Another detail?


See now I have to keep remembering the pre order link.

Ok now, another detail, well, maybe perhaps it’s not a detail but it’s something I thought I could discuss.

The amazing charismatic magnetizing pull and influence the girls have. Have you ever met someone that seemed to just attract and manifest all that they want? They know exactly what to do or say to get closer to what they want, to achieve what they want? Now that’s the thing, we either look up to or hate these people. They know how to get what they want in their life, they know how to manifest and create a vibration, an energy that pulls you in.

Now if we hate them? They want something we don’t want; their goal is negative to our own, to our own wants and desires. But if we love that kind of personality or attraction? Perhaps their own goal and desire is providing something beneficial to bring us our own goals and desires.

But that aside a magnetic personality doesn’t have to be as extreme as the girls in the series. In fact a magnetic personality could just be someone who seems to be really nice and fun to talk with, because we want to talk to people and involve people in our lives that really enrich our own experiences. The girls were a gift to try to live in the extremes of the story.


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