More details and imaginings

Well now that you have the pre order link I will continue.

The box. It has to be the box. In the last post I told you all about how my perception of the diamond was? Well here is the most logical step, the box.

The “heavy ornate box”

Well. To me it’s a cherry mahogany shade. The carvings, at first, away from that tricky stone; the carvings have softness to them, less sharp severe shapes. I can see soft impressions as though flowers had been grown with vines wrapped around a box, ivy’s jasmines and daisies, small roses had been grown and pressed into the wood and become the wood itself to the body of the designs. Like gentle silk curtains, the softest texture to touch. Almost fluid in its curves. The edge lines of the box seems to be held together with a very dark rose gold that’s become one with the box.

But when the stone is close? Well, that is when the curtain of the box itself seems to lift, the softness of the ivy and jasmine and daisies will fall away and the roses and the thorns seems to grow around it and the lettering and the words appear in the crossing of the lines of thorns and stems and roses behind in and around them, all over. It’s like it becomes the textile warning of the breaking of the bloodlines and bonds of the Nosferatu, the preventions, the cures, the sharpening and heightening of a line.


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