Not Long to Go

What’s that? You want the pre order link?

Yep. That is no lie; there isn’t much time to go until October the 7th… And I am so excited. Well I can’t be blamed. It is the last instalment in the Coryburn Girls series. It’s taken about two years of work on and off to achieve. I am getting closer to turning those final pages. So now it is a case of how much should I reveal to you now? I know there are little details that probably never made it to the books.

So here is something special that I never included.

That blood red diamond, how have I imagined it? How do I see the diamond?

Well because I wanted you to create that image on yourself so that it was something that you could see in your own interpretation I removed some of my own very specific details, because I wanted to see what you wanted to see, what your image is.

So how do I see the diamond?

Well, I have small hands, but I could imagine it as just about fitting comfortably in the palm of my hands, but if my fingers were to try to close around it, it would feel like a stretch, a tiny impossibility that would dig the coldness of the diamond into my palm. The edges would feel sharp in certain lines of the stone, but others would have a semi curve to them. I could imagine a tiny filigree pattern etched delicately over the top surface of the diamond. But the designs on the surface would be irremovable, untouchable and undiminishible so even a diamond expert would be unable to remove and chisel away at the designs to break the stone apart. It cannot be cut by the wrong hands, or any hand. The pattern would be a reflective continuation from the designs on the box. I would imagine the diamond to be the colour of a nail varnish I once owned that was named “dragon’s blood” it was an extremely intense shade of red, which managed to trap light in a way that gave the red a vibrancy that lifted it from the darkness.

Whats on your mind?

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