Well almost, as always, wanted to kick this out there a bit early.

The close of another year, a roller coaster, not as horrific as last year, not as soul destroying but very trying.

I suppose this would be my chance to reveal a catalogue of the year that’s passed, the good the bad and the ugly. To purge the grievances and hurt to start next year fresh. I would love to do that, be completely free. I haven’t felt completely free since I turned nineteen and to be honest I think a lot of that was denial.

But I don’t want a laundry list purging the past, its hard to imagine freedom, not now. The place I find my freedom is with pen and paper, using words to find the freedom, its the release breaking free of everything that passed. Repeating the past here, would be so counter productive, if I want to move on, I have to do it without looking back over my shoulder every time. And that is totally fine. I just want to breath.

Maybe the year a head will finally have that miraculous life changing glow I don’t know. I just cant tell what is around the corner this time. Normally I know, if its going to be a really big something coming my way, I can sense the energy. Right now, I don’t know. I don’t intend to count chickens and guess. But whatever happens I want to try to be positive. I want to change the world in a good way. But who knows what will happen.

But whatever the year ahead brings, please just be safe, be happy and remember that one day, your life might just change and I hope it is for the better.


Coryburn Girls Secrets (4)

All girls have their secrets, here’s some just for you.


Who did I most enjoy writing character wise?

Although I would love to say my alter ego Annabella, who I had originally intended to name Annabellarose, but found the name incredibly frustrating to write every single time, I have to say, it’s Kayetelynn even if the spelling induces that red squiggly line from hell that brands you an idiot for not being able to spell.

Kayetelynn was a reflective alter ego of a very cherished friends, their own dark side alter ego. Kayetelynn pronounced like the average Caitlynn has her own brand of questionable morals. She had the happy go lucky cushion of innocence ┬átainted with that dark fog of being obviously pretty. I found it fun interacting with the character, testing her because I couldn’t always tell what was the truth or the lie with her. Kayetelynn is the fun flip side of a coin that is along for the ride. She is absolutely brilliant.

Happy Christmas

I’ll get this out early because I doubt anyone will look on the day

Well the year has gone by too fast, too quick, Christmas has managed to sneak up on us all to quickly. I wonder where this year went.

After the last few years I am a little jaded, but it could be worse. But I do fully intend to spend most of these holidays working, tweaking and perfecting, something which I sincerely hope to be special.

It has been rough, but there is always something special about Christmas, it has that strange bit of magic where you can believe in a fairy tale and hope for something different to come your way. Some magical non material happiness.

There are so many tests throughout the year, with Christmas having approached with increasing pressure I will appreciate my loved ones that much more.

In short


Coryburn Girls Secrets (3)

All girls have their secrets, here’s some just for you.


What about the best friend?


Ah! Tarron! He is so sweet and nice. I feel so bad for him having friends like them. But he is such a good guy its unfortunate he has fallen in with a bad crowd. But it happens to the best and the worst.

Tarron is actually based on a few of my friends, they seemed to all get combined in a giant mixer with their goodness and it came out as it is one guy. It is such a huge shame. Tarron has been friends with the girls for years he has watched them grow up into beautifully unique women. He has seen the glimpses of goodness in them, and as it can be easy to do when you are lonely, he has ignored the bad in them.

Tarron is such a darling, he is plain, not in a bad way. But if he was a candy he would be a marshmallow; ok on his own but better served with naughty extras. That’s fine by him, because all he wants is a very normal, very ordinary life, it suits him because it’s what he has always known growing up.

Coryburn Girls Secrets (2)

All girls have their secrets, here’s some just for you.


What about the parents?


I found Chrystyne and Eustace Coryburn a lot of fun.

There is a hint of a cult-ish behaviour, but to be honest, due to their eccentricities I could easily imagine them to have a strange interest in the darkest corners of the BDSM circuit but I couldn’t be cruel to “out” them like that in the book itself, its their personal secret.

I absolutely love the relationship and bond that the pair have its very intense. If i sat in the room with them I would feel very uncomfortable. They have the strange energy produced by their natural, predatory demeanor that settles heavily in the air like a thick perfume that lingers long after the wearer is gone. That and their intimacy and affection for each other exceeds what would could be classed as common place.

I absolutely love the scenes they appear in, and construct absolutely bewitching alpha type personalities. Which often clashes with their two daughters causing some of that fun disfucntionality in their relationship and their battles of wits and wills.

Coryburn Girls Secrets

All girls have their secrets, here’s some just for you.


What was the most enjoyable part of Coryburn Girls Skimming the Surface to write?


Well, Skimming the Surface, was of course a new adventure. But out of writing it, I found I loved the beginning the most. When telling the story, trying to find the words to those pictures, it can sometimes feel almost overwhelmingly impossible. The beginning feels like it is almost impossible and of course this gives me the most daunting challenge. I think that personally I will always love a beginning because it carries my energy and anticipation to tell the story I can never get out of my mind.

This gives me a chance to try new techniques and goals.

The Coryburn Girls Skimming the Surface is the first in a series of three shorts. It carries the beginning of the story, to really start to unravel secrets, lies and discoveries. I loved writing almost every scene with bad behaviour and sassy dialogue. It has enabled me to tap into wit and honesty in a new way that I loved experimenting with.

Writing Exercise- His Life Changed on a Tuesday

“His Life Changed On A Tuesday”


His life changed on a Tuesday,

He just doesn’t know it yet

His life changed on a Tuesday,

But I know its not when we met,

When we met, the sky was grey

When we met, I looked in his eyes

I saw all the hope and dreams

I saw him and he saw me

Every conversation

Every talk, every laugh

And every smile

Lead to this,

His life changed on a Tuesday

He became him

His face became him

And he became beautiful,

But that wasn’t on a Tuesday.


Now here is the secret,

He still doesn’t know

His life changed on a Tuesday

It was a Tuesday a little while ago,

When I decided, I couldn’t let him go,

Over time I have tried

And every time I have failed

It was a Tuesday I decided, I could not let him go.


Now when I look him in the eyes,

And see that sweet smile,

I wonder not if we will make it

Not if we will last

Because of that Tuesday in the past.


When I look him in the eyes

I fall more and more each time,

Because that smile, that laugh

That silliness is mine,

I love him and I cant deny

That every single time

I hear that sweet voice be gentle

I smile and feel comfortable

In myself and him


His life changed on a Tuesday

He doesn’t know it now

He will not know it tomorrow

But little by little every day,

I want to see him happy,


That’s something we share,

But here is a secret, I know too well,

Only you can make yourself happy

So don’t depend on others

To give you, your self worth

But thank them kindly for every smile,

Because sometimes

Just sometimes, they may already be there,

Waiting for you to let them change your life again.