Well almost, as always, wanted to kick this out there a bit early.

The close of another year, a roller coaster, not as horrific as last year, not as soul destroying but very trying.

I suppose this would be my chance to reveal a catalogue of the year that’s passed, the good the bad and the ugly. To purge the grievances and hurt to start next year fresh. I would love to do that, be completely free. I haven’t felt completely free since I turned nineteen and to be honest I think a lot of that was denial.

But I don’t want a laundry list purging the past, its hard to imagine freedom, not now. The place I find my freedom is with pen and paper, using words to find the freedom, its the release breaking free of everything that passed. Repeating the past here, would be so counter productive, if I want to move on, I have to do it without looking back over my shoulder every time. And that is totally fine. I just want to breath.

Maybe the year a head will finally have that miraculous life changing glow I don’t know. I just cant tell what is around the corner this time. Normally I know, if its going to be a really big something coming my way, I can sense the energy. Right now, I don’t know. I don’t intend to count chickens and guess. But whatever happens I want to try to be positive. I want to change the world in a good way. But who knows what will happen.

But whatever the year ahead brings, please just be safe, be happy and remember that one day, your life might just change and I hope it is for the better.

Whats on your mind?

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